Designing Posters for ideaFest

Register for IdeaFest - Watch for the deadline coming in late march! 
Designing your poster? Here are some questions and resources to consider: 
Your poster is supposed to promote discussion between you and the viewer - when deciding the direction of your poster, think about what kind of discussion you would like to promote, what have you experienced or learned that you want to  present or challenge other HSU students, faculty and administrators with? Some thoughts to use, a lot of your reflection writing can help with this. 
Simply - You can present your work.  Their work. Interactions between the major and the your Service Learning or Academic Internship placement.  Or you can go deeper into ideas, theories, movements, approaches, etc... from readings, articles, research and the curriculum you have encountered in your related classes over the years and how it relates to your experience and the work of the organization where you served. 
Broader - Deeper Questions:  Relate these to your course curriculum and the Service Learning or Academic Internship experience.
  • Why does your line of study at HSU need the community, why does the community need HSU?
  • What kind of work can we do now to make a difference in the community, in light of your work in your courses and on your site?
  • Reflect on the learning outcomes of the class, of your major or discipline, and the experience you had in Service Learning or interning, how'd they fit?  
  • Power, privilege, positionality, inequalities, as causes of the issues your agencies are trying to address.
  • Your own positionality... 
  • What theories, theorists, articles, works, ideas, come to mind and fit with the work you've done? Can you apply these to challenges you or your organization faced in the placement?  
  • How has this curriculum changed you?
  • What further work or study is prompted by your experience in your courses and your placement?
The Site and Placement:  
  • What did you do with your organization?
  • What impact do you feel like you had on the organization, or the community?
  • What is the organization? What's their mission?  What do they do in the community?  How effective is their work?  What challenges do they face? What research, theories or ideas do they rely on, or approach their work with?  What theories or ideas make sense of their work and challenges?
  • What did you learn?
  • How did it affect the direction you are going?
  • What experience did you gain? How did it contribute to your future in the field? 
  • What questions did it answer?  What questions did it not answer? What new questions do you have now?
Service Learning and Academic Internships:
  • Why did you want to do Service Learning or an Internship?
  • Are Service Learning or Internships a good fit or important for your Major?  How do they fit together? 
  • Do you think that courses involving working in the community can be an effective way to change campuses?  Change the community?
  • What did you learn about service learning or how to be an academic intern?
  • Were the reflection aspects involved important to you?  The reciprocal relationship?  Did it enhance class?
  • Consider the traditional vs. critical lens of how to serve and how that played out for you?