Mission Statement

The California Center for Rural Policy conducts research to inform policy, build community, and promote the health and well-being of rural people and environments. CCRP accomplishes this by using innovative research methods tailored to the study of rural people, environments, and their interactions.

Our research agenda reflects our values, strengths, and rural research priorities to:

  1. Conduct original research on issues of community concern to enhance the knowledge of community members and policymakers and promote evidence based planning and policy formation by:
    1. Engaging community stakeholders to identify community concerns and key health and environment issues, building on existing networks and partnerships;
    2. Using graphic facilitation and other methods of engaging the community in meaningful ways; and
    3. Capturing rural social, economic and physical environments by employing sociospatial methods using GIS techniques.
  2. Conduct research that accurately represent rural populations and environments by:
    1. Employing principles of community based participatory research in our research projects;
    2. Communicating research findings to the community and going to rural environments to
      groundtruth” findings: and
    3. Creating, testing and developing new methodologies for gathering information about rural communities and environments.
  3. Build upon existing community capacity by:
    1. Supporting rural policy advocates by offering training in or technical assistance with research methodology; data collection and analysis; program development and evaluation.
  4. Serve as a broker for researchers interested in working on rural research topics by:
    1. Facilitating their connections with rural communities; and
  5. Providing training in working with community in the conduct of community based participatory research.
  6. Translate research into actionable knowledge by:
    1. Disseminating user-friendly research findings and policy analyses informed by the Center’s research; and
    2. Providing technical assistance in policy analysis.


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