Current Student Research Assistants



Jesus Barcenas is currently working as a research assistant for several projects at CCRP. He is currently an Economics Major with minors in Psychology and Chemistry at HSU. He has worked in the community as a medical assistant. He plans on pursuing a Master of Public Health in Health Policy and then attend medical school. Jesus is working with Jessica on the Workforce Survey project, Accountable Care Community transitioning, Shared Decision Making Project and other short-term projects. Our work involves being the liaison; bringing patients and community stakeholders together to ensure that the patients’ needs are taken into account.

corinnaCorinna Irwin is a Master’s student in Applied Anthropology working at CCRP to gain further skills in research and policy development. Her thesis is looking at sexual and reproductive health care access and school based sex education in rural Humboldt county and the cultural inclusion of immigrants. Corinna is a Humboldt native who earned her BA in Portland, a diploma in Global Health fundamentals from the University of Barcelona, taught English for two years in Oaxaca, Mexico and has worked with several community-based organizations in the Pacific Northwest. Her research interests center around intersections between health and social justice, globalization and medical anthropology.

20161019_085022Julie A. List is a student research assistant with the CCRP. She is currently studying sociology and statistics at Humboldt State University.





Aubrey Pellicano photoAubrey Pellicano is a Master’s student in the Psychology Department’s Academic Research program at Humboldt State University. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from California State University, Long Beach and spent two years working and volunteering for nonprofit organizations. Aubrey is a research assistant at CCRP where she helps with entering data, transcribing qualitative interviews, analyzing data, and preparing reports. She plans to pursue a PhD in Developmental Psychology and is interested in studying cultural and social effects on performance and engagement in education. Her goal is to contribute to nonprofits and government agencies by improving the education services provided to populations in need.

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