Del Norte Summer Youth Interns


Roberto Aguilar

One of the biggest issues young people face in community is making good choices. A possible solution is having good places to go instead of bad places.

Rocio Aleman

Hopes to learn how to map and what is in the community.

Judith Cerros

The biggest issues facing young people in the Del Norte community would be the drugs out there and the peer pressure they get every day at school. Some solutions could be the clubs that there are at school.

Mackenzee Davis

Hopes to learn about all the cultures, how their lives are, and to be more understanding about community’s surroundings.

Alexander Gastineau

A big issue facing young people is adults not understanding youth.  Solution would be to listing to children and teenagers and allow them to show what they can do.

Dustin Geissert

The biggest issue for young people in community is people smoking and chewing.

Shawn Haycook

Joined the internship to help other people, animals and the environment.

Hunter Lesh

An issue facing Del Norte youth is that there is not much to do in this town, and to have more activities for the youth to keep them out of trouble.

Matthew Lesh

Matthew stands up for his community by volunteering to help the hungry.  More activities need to be available to youth to keep them busy.

Kalya McConkey

Kayla’s goal is to become a doctor, and wants to learn how to locate those in need when disaster strikes.

Mike Moore

Biggest issues facing youth are respect, honesty, drugs, alcohol.  Mike wants to know about where jobs are in community.

Nicole Peters

Hobbies and interests are participating in ceremonies, camping, sports, attending language class, helping community. Recruiting young people who are affected by drugs and alcohol into community work/services will help with this ongoing problem.

Luis Raya

Luis values family and friends, and brings dedication, willingness to learn, listening skills and humor to the Summer Youth Internship group.

Alyssia Scott

The biggest issue right now for young people is trying to keep them from doing drugs.  The best way to prevent them from doing it is for their family and others around them to realize that what they’re influencing, is wrong.

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