Medically Underserved Population

Terms:  medically underserved population – mup

The federal MUP designation is used when an area does not meet the established MUA criteria. The process involves assembling the same data elements and carrying out the same computational steps as stated for MUAs (for criteria 1, 2 and 3). The difference is the population to physician ratio (criteria 4) as follows:

  1. For criteria 4, the population is now the population of the requested group within the area rather than the total resident civilian population of the area.
  2. The number of FTE (full time equivalent) primary care physicians would include only those serving the requested population group (criteria 4 above).

If the total of weighted values of criteria 1 – 4 is 62.0 or less, the population group qualifies for designation as a MUP and the process is completed as for an MUA.

Source and for further information: California Health Workforce Catalog

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