Who are we?

FPC Charter & Purpose

FPC Charter & Purpose

The Humboldt Food Policy Council is a network of food systems stakeholders. We include grocers, farmers, public health, hospitals, economic developers, local food advocates, planners, food pantries, elected officials and consumers.

What is the Humboldt Food Policy Council working on?

Our overall goal is to build a strong local and equitable food system through targeted policy changes. Some of the topics we are working on include:
• Healthy Food Access and Education
• Planning / Land Use
• Agricultural Production
• Food Processing
• Farm-to-Institution
• Food Insecurity
• Distribution
• Food Waste

What is a Food System?

The food system can be thought of as ‘farm to table,’ encompassing all the activities that take place from farm production to consumption: 1) Agricultural Production, 2) Processing, 3) Distribution, 4) Marketing and Consumption, and 5) Waste and Recycling. The availability, cost, transport miles and quality of our foods are all linked to these processes, which have far reaching impacts.

What is a Food Policy Council?

Food Policy Councils (FPC’s) are comprised of stakeholders from various segments of a local food system. Councils are typically sanctioned through government action such as an Executive Order, Public Act, or Joint Resolution. However, many Councils have formed through grassroots effort and operate without an official convening document. FPC’s are innovative collaborations between citizens and government officials which give voice to the concerns and interests of many who have long been under-served or un-represented by agricultural institutions. The primary goal of many Food Policy Councils is to examine the operation of a local food system and provide ideas and recommendations for improvement through public policy changes. – Drake Agricultural Law Center

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