Broadband Deployment, Access and Adoption

As outlined in the Activities section, the RCC will assist with deployment, access, and adoption issues. Our action plan activities are designed to catalyze the community leadership needed to achieve broadband deployment. Having members of each of the region’s Board of Supervisors as part of our network will help aid adoption of policies necessary to help with deployment and access. Our county lead organization will work with allies that are interested in eliminating the digital divide to promote adoption. Our region is lucky to have an already engaged populace throughout the region.

We know we can succeed, we already have unique examples of working with providers to expand broadband deployment in the region, but we have a long way to go. RCC leaders were very active in assisting IP Networks during the CASF process for Highway 36 Humboldt-Trinity Counties Project (Resolution T-17227). We wrote letters of support and talked to potential matching funders. We also worked with the CASF to withdraw funding from a project in our region when RCC members realized that the provider was not going to be able to complete the project.

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