Community-Based Participatory Research

CCRP promotes research that is collaborative and community based, with the aim of combining knowledge and action for social and environmental change. CCRP offers services to community groups and organizations that would like to use a research approach to address community health problems, in partnership with researchers. CCRP can assist with defining the research question, research design, data collection, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of findings.

Please call CCRP at (707) 826-3400 to learn more about this service.


Rural Breast Cancer Survival Study
The 18-month study, “The Rural Breast Cancer Survival Study,” will examine factors associated ccrp_stacked-200×200 with higher death rates from breast cancer in Humboldt County over the past 20 years.The research grant awarded by the California Breast Cancer Research Program ( was one of five studies chosen for funding in 2014 in the area of “Community Impact of Breast Cancer.”

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