Where’s Connie

Connie is constantly traveling.  Since one of the most asked questions of any staffer at CCRP is “Where is Connie”  we thought we would just create a blog so Connie could tell you herself where she is from time to time.  Good luck keeping up!

October 6, 2015–Attending The California State University Advocacy Training Conference.

October 5, 2015–In Sacramento and took some time this morning to go to the California Museum and research in the state archive.  Hats off to the Librarians and the keepers of our history!

October 1, 2015–Took some time today to fundraise for KHSU-FM, the public radio station.  I began volunteering at KSHU-FM as a Freshman attending Humboldt State University and I credit the station as the reason I made connections with the local community and fell in love with the North Coast which has been my home for the past 32 years!  Public Radio will always play an important role in my life!

September 29, 2015–Attended the Redwood Region Economic Development Commission meeting to discuss the recent fiber outage that affected business, residence and emergency services in Humboldt, Del Norte and Mendocino counties.

September 28, 2015–Traveled to Del Norte County to spend the day birding for the Godwit days fall preview.  We saw 56 different species of birds in 5 hours including an amazingly close look at a short-eared owl.

September 23-24, 2015–In South Lake Tahoe attending the RCRC–Representing California’s Rural Counties–Annual Conference with 34 of the state’s rural elected leaders discussing land use, environmental, water, cannabis, human trafficking policies.

September 21, 2015–In San Francisco to meet with the California Public Utilities Commission California Advance Services Fund staff to discuss funding for Broadband across Hwy 299 in Trinity, Humboldt and Shasta Counties.

September 14, 2015–Had a great conference call with the USDA-RD team from California.  They are planning a 1,000 mile tour of the real Northern California!  They will be spending 5 days meeting with community leaders and Tribes to discuss economic and infrastructure needs, especially broadband needs in the North in late October. So looking forward this trip!

September 12, 2015–Got a call this afternoon to let me know that Sid Dominitz, a dear friend and long-time colleague at CCRP and many of my past jobs past away today.  He will be sorely missed and it will take me a long to get over my grief from this loss.

September 8, 2015–Attended the HSU Sociology and Criminology and Justice Studies Community Advisory Board meeting.  Nice to sit with passionate students who sincerely want to conduct research that will help policy leaders make meaningful change.

September 1, 2015–In Washington DC at the Collaborative Health Network Peer to Peer Meeting hosted by the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement  (NRHI). Fabulous communities leaders from across the county that are working on improving health care are here.

August 29, 2015–Spending the Day in Hoopa, CA for the True North Organizing community gathering to investigate how systemic racism, colonialism, and social/environmental injustice impacts Humboldt and Del Norte Counties.  Looks like 150 people have shown up today to be “Color brave” instead of “Color Blind!” Let the conversation begin!

August 28, 2015–CCRP hosted a Community Group meeting regarding whether Humboldt County would benefit from creating an Accountable Care Community, which is a newish health care model.  The community group heard a overview of the model from Nancy Starck from the Humboldt Department of Health and Human Services. Great meeting!

April 30—Attending the Network on Regional Healthcare Improvement’s Total Cost of Care Conference.  We are hearing from 5 regions that have implemented Total Cost of Care pilot programs, a hopeful step towards working on reducing cost while improving health care outcomes.

April 29th—Attending the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Aligning Forces for Quality Program Directors meeting with CCRP staffer Jessica Osborne-Staffnes, Project Director.  As the grant comes to an end, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation wanted to make a point of making sure we know that the partnership to improve the cost and quality of care will only grow!  Thank you RWJF.  Big thanks to all past employees and to our partners–especially the Humboldt Independent Practice Association and St. Joseph Health. And thanks to everyone at the Martin Love, Alan Glaseroff, Alan Katz and the Community Health Alliance for bringing this grant to our community 7 years ago.  It was great honor for everyone at CCRP to have been involved in this project!

April 23rd—Because Monday April 20th wasn’t busy enough, I decided to have a 25-hour day today! Traveled with Humboldt County Supervisor Ryan Sundberg and Michael Ort from Praxis, Inc. to Hoopa to meet with The Hoopa Valley Tribal Council to discuss bring broadband along Hwy 96!  Then meet with community leaders in Willow Creek on the project. Supervisor Sundberg then rushed me to the Airport to catch a jet.  (Hey Guys–Fly Humboldt!) I took the redeye to Washington DC and got in April 24th at 10:30 a.m.  UUUUGGGHHHH

April 20th—Dear Lord!  Humboldt County Supervisor Rex Bohn and I headed out from Sacramento at 4:30 a.m.

  • Meeting 1–We had a meet and greet with two staffers from the Legislative Analyst’s Office who have been working on broadband issues around getting connectivity to libraries and schools.
  • Meeting 2–We also met with Assembly Member Jim Wood to discuss his plans as Chair of the Assembly Select Committee on the Digital Divide in Rural California. He’s got exciting plans.
  • Meeting 3–Then we went to lunch with Sunne and Gladys from the California Emerging Technology Fund.
  • Meeting 4–We then met with Assembly Member Mark Stone who is sponsoring AB 238, which would increase the minimum speed required by the CPUC for getting a CASF grant.  Several organizations have been concerned that the bill would allow urban areas to get grants from a pot of money intended for rural communities.  Assembly Member Stone agreed to park the bill and work with us on changes for next year.
  • Meeting 5–Finally, we attended the Assembly Committee on Utilities and Commerce to show support for AB 1262, which would provide additional funding for the regional consortia.  Good News!  The bill passed out of committee unanimously. The Bad News—it was the last item on the committee’s agenda leading to us starting the drive home from Sacramento at 7 p.m. and our heads not hitting the pillow back home in Humboldt until 1 am. Long but rewarding day!!!

April 14th—Had a wonderful meeting with First 5 Humboldt today regarding the alarming rate of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and how we might start reducing childhood trauma.  Humboldt and Mendocino Counties in CA have some of the highest rates in California of adults that report they experienced 4 or more ACEs. To learn more: http://www.centerforyouthwellness.org/adverse-childhood-experiences-aces/

April 8-10–Attending The California Endowment’s Building Health Communities Annual Cross-Site Learning and Evaluation Retreat.  There are more than 100 people here looking at how to measure the impact this important health and social change initiative is making in California.

April 1-4, 2015–Attending the Local Government Roundtable, Branding Your Jurisdiction as a “Smart Community” Conference in Riverside CA. Boy, have a lot of policy change needs in California come up this week! So much work to do.


February 19, 2015–Attending the California Advance Services Fund Annual Regional Consortia Learning Summit. There’s great work being done on deployment, adoption and policy work at the regional level all over the state!  Commissioner Sandoval keynote made the connections between communications and energy and water and really made the case for an open internet and the role it plays in resource sustainability!  She Rocks!

February 9-11–in Phoenix with my Emergent Learning Community of Practice.  WOW what a great group of folks!  Can’t wait to get home and put to work some of the stuff we are discussing today.

January 2015!  Wow- I took a faceplant on keeping up my blog!  Well, It’s a new year and I vow to do better!  I spent most of January vacationing in New Zealand!  Work Travel starts the 2nd week of February!

Wednesday July 29 – August 7th –Vacationing with my parents in West Palm Beach Florida. Sun, Birding and catching up with my peeps!

Tuesday, July 28–In Los Angeles at The California Endowment Building Health Communities Cross Site Learning and Evaluation convening.

Friday, July 25th throughout the weekend–Quick visit with my Washington DC family members and my 101 year old grandmother!

Friday, July 25th throughout the weekend–Quick visit with my Washington DC family members and my 101 year old grandmother!

Friday, July 25th throughout the weekend–Quick visit with my Washington DC family members and my 101 year old grandmother!

All Youth

July 7th — In Del Norte and the Adjacent Tribal Lands working with the 156 Youth that we recently hired as part of a Summer Youth Leadership Initiative funded by The California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities Initiative.

The Eight week program was created by a wonderful group of youth and youth serving organizations known as the Youth Strategy Team. Good Times! It’s going to be a great summer!

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