Where’s Connie

Connie is constantly traveling.  Since one of the most asked questions of any staffer at CCRP is “Where is Connie”  we thought we would just create a blog so Connie could tell you herself where she is from time to time.  Good luck keeping up!

All Youth

July 7th — In Del Norte and the Adjacent Tribal Lands working with the 156 Youth that we recently hired as part of a Summer Youth Leadership Initiative funded by The California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities Initiative.
The Eight week program was created by a wonderful group of youth and youth serving organizations known as the Youth Strategy Team. Good Times! It’s going to be a great summer!

Tuesday, July 22–In Essex, MA with a cohort of folks going deep into the practice of Emergent Learning. Folks have come from all over the states and Canada and South Africa. The Emergent Learning approach is not quite the same as evaluation–but it’s a wonderful practice for moving organizations and coalitions work forward. There are a couple of rural practitioners here!
Wednesday, July 23–At the White House for the opening of the Rural Opportunity Investment Conference hosted by the White House Rural Council. The conference was the brainchild of USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, who brought together rural advocates, investors and federal, state and local policy makers to begin conversations around increasing investment in Rural America. The conference continued Thursday, July 24 at the Hilton Hotel in Washington DC.–I have lots of follow up items I’ll be working on! This was a great conference.
Friday, July 25th throughout the weekend–Quick visit with my Washington DC family members and my 101 year old grandmother!
Tuesday, July 28–In Los Angeles at The California Endowment Building Health Communities Cross Site Learning and Evaluation convening.
Wednesday July 29 – August 7th –Vacationing with my parents in West Palm Beach Florida. Sun, Birding and catching up with my peeps!