New Beginnings

This semester I am happy to finally interact with children and hope that this coming year will be full of new experiences. This is my first time working with children and after being in the CD department for the past 4 semesters I am excited to work with them on a more personal level. The only concern I have for working with the children is that I wont know how to challenge them enough or not make the activities challenging enough. As CD majors we’re are learn so much about how the education movement is shifting and learning is more about quality, so I want to give these children an experience that will help them later on in their school career.
And I of course want them to have fun and enjoy being at school.
My inspiration is a man by the name of Sir Ken Robinson. He was an educator for many years and had turned to advocating for education and students. His talks on TED talks have been shown in many classes of mine, and I would encourage everyone wanting to better themselves as possible educators to watch his talks.

Mary Ann’s Looking Forward

As I began the semester, I was nervous about meeting new students, excited about what the new group of students and children might be like, and looking forward to working with Jillian and Celia. Every semester in the lab is a little different, and I learn something new every semester–every week. It is exciting to see what ideas and perspectives the new student teachers will bring. I am always fascinated by how a new group of children and adults adjusts to the lab and one another and makes the classroom their own. I’m looking forward the discoveries.

CD 257 Beginnings

Throughout this semester in supervised work with children (CD 257) at HSU, I am anticipating and looking forward to countless opportunities to grow and develop as an educator, as a mentor, and as an individual. Through spending time every week with these students, we will be creating bonds that will make me more comfortable with them, as well as the child development lab environment. I have not yet been in the lab, but I am so very excited to meet the children and experience the classroom dynamic of the lab.

After reading the lab manual, talking with classmates, and engaging in classroom discussion the topic of language, and use of words is the most fascinating, as well as, most difficult for me to grasp and achieve. By focusing on modeling, rather than instructing, I will create a positive teacher-student relationship. Growing up, teachers have always had authority over me, and often times expressed their dominance in some form. That is going to be difficult to stray away from, and will most likely be a battle for my lifetime. By choosing the correct words, and not sculpting their judgment, we are able to create capable children through intrinsic motivation.

I know that the lab is centered around respecting “children as active learners who construct their knowledge through experiences that recognize and support their unique characteristics”.(pg. 1) This is a positive way to foster growth throughout a lifetime of educational pursuits. Through routine, encouragement, skilled educators, and positive reinforcement and respect, I believe that the lab will provide me with a great learning experience that will help to sculpt my teaching techniques for years to come. I am so very excited to share my experiences, thoughts, and concerns with you readers throughout my growth and development in this process. I look forward to expressing my view and letting you all in through my journey in this educational pursuit.

CD 257

I look forward to gaining new knowledge of developmental levels of toddlers. I am interested in working in early intervention, and I think it is important to gain a better understanding of typical developmental settings to broaden my understanding within early intervention settings. I look forward to learning new scaffolding techniques accross multiple developmental domains and learning with the children in the CD lab.

I am part of the Monday lab, and will not start my lab until the third week of school. I am a little concerned that I wont remember where classroom items are when I begin working in the lab. Being observed also makes me a little nervous. I am sure when I am comfortable I will forget about it but it makes the introduction a little stressful for me.