Preschool for All!

Our advocacy project is in support of the initiative for preschool for all. We have researched the topic, written letters to the Board of Education, we have designed and posted flyers explaining our cause and where to get more information in HGH, the CDL, and the HSU Children Center, we have created pamphlets with further details, and will be hosting a movie and Q&A night on Monday May 4. We also have a petition on that we are asking people to sign. Our goal is to spark the interest of the people and inform them of this idea. If the idea of Universal Preschool can gain momentum and support, legislators will have to take notice, and start to take a side. It is important to remember that preschool children, are the future, and they are who will build the world of tomorrow. If they are not prepared, what kind of world do we expect to have?

– Monica, Selena, Vianna, and Matt

Cyber Bullies Can Easily Outwit Our Legal System

On Edweek’s website, there is an article on how easy it is for one to perform cyber-bullying. Wiki-How has a step-by-step guide to cyber-bullying and there are many simple anonymous texting websites people can use. The main advice that can be given to individuals is to block the bully or change their numbers/accounts. This article notes that this might be enough for the many teenagers that rely on social connections.

Post #2 Water use regulations in California

Summer is just around the corner. I think back to childhood and remember spending hours running through the sprinklers and having water gun and water balloon fights with my siblings and my friends on hot summer afternoons. Water conservation was not really a concept to me as a child. Now the state of California is attempting to reduce water use by 25%, assigning different reduction goals to different cities based on their previous years water use. Los Angeles and Long Beach will be expected to reduce water use by 16%. Sacramento will be expected to reduce water use by 28%. These rates are listed for multiple cities in this article. This is an effort that needs to be undertaken by every citizen of California, especially during these hot summers when excessive water use is so tempting. This article gave a shout out to Arcata for being one of the “thriftiest” cities with their water.

Jazmin’s 2nd Post: Why This Impoverished Tribe Is Facing A Surge In Teen Suicides

In the past several months, several teenagers on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, have committed suicide. The issues seen on Reservations are the legacy of the oppression of the American indian people over centuries. The lack of jobs, support and a promising future as lead many people living on the reservation unhopeful for the future. As a form of action, Pine Ridge school is seeking funding to extend their dormitory hours for the weekends so the children can have a place to stay and have support from the school. I think funding should go to increased counseling and job creation on reservations. Light needs to be shed on the conditions on the reservations, and residents should have a part in changing their communities for the better.

Young Adult Care When Under Parental Insurance

“When Keeping A Secret Trumps The Need For Care”

by Maanvi Singh

April 15, 2015

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, many young adults are now covered with their parent’s insurance until the age of 26. Due to the stigma of mental health issues, reproductive issues, and behavioral issues; many young adults who would be covered by insurance are instead choosing to go without medical attention. The reason for this is that they wish to keep these issues private from their parents and instead of risking their parents finding out about these issues, they are keeping quiet and not seeking care. This article calls for a uniform way to maintain confidentiality for these young adults throughout the country. This is a topic that particularly affects college students as they are at the age when these issues spring up and when they wish them to be kept confidential.

Long Beach Senator’s Bill Would Protect Right to Film Police

Senator’s Bill Would Protect Right to Film Police

A bill by Senator Ricardo Lara recently passed the California Senate on April 13, 2015. It would protect the rights of citizens to film police in public, and especially during incidents of brutality. According to Lara, “We are seeing the increasingly important role that recordings are playing in ensuring transparency, accountability and justice.” The bill states and would ensure that photographing and filming police officers is not a criminal act and that citizens have the right to do so. The hope is that it would bring an end to police misconduct.

Parents Opting Their Children Out of Taking State Assessments

States Are Pretty Confused About What Happens When Students Opt Out Of Tests

This article discusses the anti-testing movement happening locally and nationally. Schools are concerned about their participation percentage because according to NCLB schools need a 95% participation or they can face sanctions such as loosing Title 1 funding. Assessments are driving everyone crazy and it appears many individuals are discovering there is no true value to them. The federal government is pressing to hard on these assessments that are unrealistic and degrading. We are Humans, Not numbers!!! There needs to be reforms made to the way our nation asses learning and define what is truly valuable education. For this to happened we need educators involved in writing the reforms and implementing realistic forms of assessment.

This video was shared with me by Fabiola Barrios. This young lady is brilliant and expresses her concerns about standardized testing. She brings up very valid points in which educators should be concerned with.

Wendy’s Blog Post #3 Access to Unemployment Insurance Benefits for Family Caregivers

Many people care for their  sick, old and or disabled family members. Many have the flexibility to change their work schedule but the others don’t have that flexibility. Some are compelled to quit and others get fired.In these cases,family caregivers may be able to seek assistancefrom some state unemployment insurance (UI) programs. Yet few resources are available to help family caregivers and advocates understand the infrastructures of these programs.