CD 479 Passions


This youtube clip is extremely important to me, because many children face abuse on a daily basis and I would like to see a change with more resources available to those children who face these issues on a daily basis. So for me a safe place with professionals there to help is something worth fighting and advocating for.

CD 479 Passions and Anxieties

Advocacy is still a new thing to me but I’m excited to learn about it and the many ways I can help out in the community and get the word out to help those in need. Im still learning so like i said before everything is still new to me about advocacy.

One thing I’m passionate about is and would love to see in more schools is longer recess or more time outside. Studies have showed that activity outside can help out tremendously in the classroom. So why are a lot of schools limiting that to children and keeping them in.

The following video is children advocating for themselves and wanting longer time for recess.

CD 479 Passions and Anxieties Regarding Advocacy

As someone with a passion for learning and teaching, especially as it relates to the lives of children and families, I know the importance of advocating for the needs of others, especially those who might not yet be able to advocate for themselves. That said, I am still learning the many ways that advocacy can take shape and how it can be seen on different levels and to varying degrees.

I am passionate about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle and I believe that healthy acts begin at home but that schools should be held responsible for providing healthy choices for children and families. I have witnessed the effects of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle on close family members and I know the pain of losing a loved one too soon because they struggled to make consistent healthy choices in their lifetime. I want to advocate for healthier school food programs in our country because I believe that if children are exposed to more natural plant-based foods rather than heavily processed foods in their school breakfasts and lunches, they are more likely to develop a palate that enjoys healthy food and this will benefit their overall long-term health choices, not to mention that healthy foods are better for growing bodies and minds and will result in better learning in school.

The following video is simple but it makes it clear that child educators have an important role to provide healthy food options and education for children.

My final thoughts on advocacy

I think that the thing that has stuck with me the most, after taking this class, is that individuals can create waves of change. Before taking this class, I cared very little about politics and thought that voting or advocating fell upon deaf ears. Not having taken any political science class seriously since high school, this class has shifted my perspective towards politics. I very much enjoyed the hands-on and project based approach to the subject of advocating– I feel that it has had the most effect on my change of thought. I have signed up for a couple of petition and think tank websites. I am now trying to stay more involved in current news, outside of Humboldt County.

Apart of this shift of my perspective, I am feeling more comfortable and inspired to sign petitions, to write a letter and to join other organized advocacy groups. I am feeling more willing to have my voice be heard on social issues, than I ever have been before. With this new found comfort-ability and motivation to do so, I can now model and demonstrate these behaviors and thoughts to the classrooms and individuals in which I interact.

I think, with my new found admiration for advocacy organizations, I would like to be come more apart of the head start program. I am currently a substitute teacher for the state funded program, but now that I am aware that I can make a difference by just simply writing a letter, I would like to become a more active supporter. I am going to check out the events calendar and board within the classrooms that I assist, for opportunities to become involved. I think that children and families should be support as much as possible, since family systems construct  our social class systems and society. Without families, there wouldn’t be in place the social class division that we have. It seems that this division is based off of incomes that are brought in by households, or families. If our families are not properly supported, than our social class system can weaken and leave a large portion of the population struggling.

Advocacy – Passion & Life

Do what you can, with what you have, in the time you have,         and together we can all make a difference!!


I am always amazed of the ways life can turn out and the paths we each take everyday. In one way I have never had many thoughts about collective advocacy and what I can do personally, yet at the same time I am living a life of advocacy as a I trying to effect the teaching system and help our youth. At the same time as taking this class I got swooped into a movement on campus and an ideology I have always glanced over.

I got a message about a climate crisis meeting that was going on and when I attended they needed some people to sign up to make the club legitimate. So I signed up as the President without the knowledge of what this was going to do for my future. I was doing it just to help, I didn’t think it would pull me in and I would gain such involvement. This gave me the perfect opportunity to really apply myself. I could feel the message from others and I do see the critical issues that we will face in our generation. I do believe that we can really make a difference with education. This has been most of my advocacy mission so far. We have been trying to spread information. If anyone really takes the time to think and look at what is going on, we can realize what is happening. There are big systematic changes that will occur. So I am just trying to play my part and use what energy I can when I can.

This semester I have helped create a club on campus focused on Environmental Protection with a view of extreme urgency, Climate Crisis HSU. He have organized three main events and have helped with others through the Sustainability Coalition. This is a coalition of different clubs that I attend as a representative. The first event that we put on was an information sharing about what is going on in our forests and how HSU and the industry are aligned in this process. I learned how to submit event applications and we were granted access to the Greeen and Gold room. The second event that we did was larger and we reserved the KBR. This was a further outreach to other members and clubs of HSU. We had the goal of gaining more diversity of information coming in and to join our movement. The third event was the People’s Climate March that we help organize. This was a public event that we coordinated with the community.

I have become an active member in organizations like the Permaculture Guild and we are working more to create better access to each movement knowledge base. There is a lot going on here in Humboldt and we are trying to link strong people and movements together.

To follow this has been the beginning of a lifetime of organized advocacy. I will be changing as will the times and struggles yet I will always try to apply the intro quote and do what I can. I just got accepted to be on the Integrated Curriculum Committee here for HSU. We have some big plans this coming semester that everyone will hear about. If you see us, say hello and join in if it feels right.

I have learned a lot. I was learning right along side with the class and my personal experience. I got first hands experience and trials and errors and also the structure of what can be done from class. The biggest thing I am taking is Language and Values. We must learn how to speak and use both of these very well to advocate right. People can look for reasons not to help, and during tense topics people can bring their emotions and not think. We must try to create environments for growth, a lot of this is about how we address values and with what language.

If anyone every wants any help with a cause or has question, feel free to email me anytime.

People’s Climate March


Our Climate club organized with Earthly Allies to put together a march to show our support for the Paris COP. We involved other clubs on campus and the public and on the Sunday before the conferences started we had a rally and march. We started at the HSU campus and zigzagged through town chanting and singing of our passion for our planet.


The march turned out wonderful, about 50 people in total marched and we had a some great speakers before and after. One speaker spoke of only having around or less than 30 people to shut down the old nuclear power plant here in Humboldt. This was very inspiring.

Advocacy Project

For our advocacy project my group and I did it on AB 403 Foster Youth: Continuum of Care Reform, and as a group did a couple of things to advocate and brought awareness about the bill to people. Edna called someone who works in the office of Mark Stone who was able to give us more information about the bill when we had questions.As a group we worked together on a petition letter to bring awareness on the importance of increasing funding needed for AB 403, and the letter is going to sent to three people; Governor Jerry Brown, Assembly Member Jim Wood, and Senator Mike McGuire. To have people sign the petition letter the group, individual or with someone table at the quad at different times, in addition we went around campus when we didn’t get many people pass when tabling.In addition we created a brochure informing about the bill and some site they can go to. We also created a website for this bill and includes resources that people can go to if they are interesting to help in any way in the foster care system. The group connected with the Child Development Association Club to promote the film ReMoved this upcoming Wednesday and the film is about one of the many stories of someone being in the foster care system and this film will help to bring awareness on the foster care system.

Climate Crisis Club Says HSU Forestry Department Uses Unsustainable Practices


This is something that a few of us have been working on. This is the first piece by the LumbarJack. We are coming out with a proposal and some actions to end this semester and begin the next. This is what my advocacy poster will be about.

If anyone wants to help hold HSU to the Social and Environmental ethical pledges that we are taking, please message me.