Final Discussion

In lieu of a “final,” I wanted to ask you to share your thoughts on what worked in CD 356 this semester and what I can do to improve the experience for next fall’s students. The only way that participating in this discussion will affect your grade is this: posting an answer (any answer) is part of your participation. I sincerely value your feedback and thoughts, but I would never hold it against you if you answered with lots of criticism! The class, like all teaching, is a work in progress. And even though I have been teaching for many years, I am still learning, everyday. Thank you for teaching me!! –Mary Ann

In your “comment/reply,” please consider the following.

First, what were the things that didn’t work for you and why? Some things to think about might be the seminar, the presentations, the textbook, the subjects we covered, the quizzes, the assignments, etc. But don’t limit your response to these areas if there is something else I need to know.

Second, please tell me what you think I could do to improve the student experience?

Finally, what should I keep? What worked best and most supported your learning?

I deeply appreciate your reflection and support in helping me make the class a better experience for next fall’s students.