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Are you who you think you are?  Does thinking make you who you are?  What is the structure and content of children’s thinking?  How can we figure out answers to these questions? How do the answers we develop/accept impact the work we do with children?  Do we know how what we think is influencing our children?

In order to design and assess learning landscapes and communities, we have to frame these questions in some way.  Is behavior the best measure of what people are thinking/learning?  Is there really anything other than observable behavior that we can “know”?  How do we know we know? What does it mean to be “aware”?  To be “mindful”?  How do these questions connect to what we want for children?  What is their role and ours in setting goals, making choices, solving problems and learning?

In this course we study theories of learning, we explore a concept selected by the class members and examine our own learning and we work on analyzing and assessing what is going on as we do these things!  The resources provided on this page are basically reference tools to support the processes and activities engaged as we explore these questions.  The discourse here is an open exploration.

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