CD 469 – West Contemporary Issues in Child Development

CD 469 Contemporary Issues in Child Development is a senior capstone course in the Child Development department.  It is intended for seniors who have completed all or nearly all of the core classes in the major, with the exception of CD 479 Policy Analysis and Advocacy.  The class has a seminar format.  Students identify current issues in the field, trace historical antecedents, examine underlying assumptions, organize relevant information, and draw supported conclusions.

The assignments in the class are individually completed.  However, work groups provide scaffolding for doing the assignments and offer a framework for in class activities.  Each student chooses a contemporary issue in child development, researches varying perspectives on that issue, analyzes those perspectives along with any underlying assumptions, develops his/her own position on the issue as well as making recommendations for action on the part of other professionals in the field.

One way of identifying a contemporary issue of interest is the newsbrief assignment.

Newsbriefs will be posted here as well as comments on the newsbriefs.




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