Is Big Soda the New Tobacco?

Voters in three cities in California- San Francisco, Oakland, and Albany- all  passed ballot measures to place a one cent-per-ounce tax on sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages, a move aimed at tackling obesity. Harry Goldstein, executive director of Public Health Advocates, wrote, “The growing worldwide movement to tax sugary beverages can no longer be stopped.”. Continue reading

A Debated Issue, and the rights of Families that should be defended

Maternity Leave: This is a topic that will no doubt receive consideration and a spotlight as there is some hint of new legislation measures with the change of leadership from Obama to Trump. Women in the United States want better emotional assurance that they will be allowed and able to spend the first weeks with … Continue reading A Debated Issue, and the rights of Families that should be defended Continue reading

Current Issues in Legislation The Obama Administration’s efforts to create a process for integration of undocumented workers and those people already inside the United States into a pathway for legal residence status. Immigration Reform and a Path to Citizenship This article at overviews some of the processes that may replace the current faulty systems to provide a … Continue reading Current Issues in Legislation Continue reading


Humboldt County has a very high number of children in the court system. CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Humboldt is one way a person can become involved in helping these children. The organization offers training throughout the year for people wanting to become an actual advocate, but they also have events and accept donations, […] Continue reading

Some good things:

   Food Insecurity at HSU and CR-Humboldt Food Policy Council Oct. 26th 5:30-7  PM Great Hall for more info. Healthy Planning Leadership Series Webinar Thursday Nov 10th 12PM Go To Webinar, download before event Host: Governor’s Office of Planning and Research Healthy Food Systems (series four maybe we can get ahold of 1-3) Humboldt […] Continue reading

Home-less camps

  Eureka City Council rejects new plan for more homeless camps By Natalya Estrada,, @natedoge4412 on Twitter POSTED: 10/19/16, 10:15 PM PDT | UPDATED: 1 DAY AGO 0 COMMENTS The Eureka City Council met Tuesday to discuss the possible relocation of the several homeless encampments primarily used for sleeping. Currently the city has a […] Continue reading

Advocacy for a Sustainable Food System

I would like to the approach the advocacy project through direct action with something that I have experience and knowledge about already. I believe every person should have a variety of nutritious food available for their diet and that it is an essential component of health to have a healthy diet. I also have a … Continue reading Advocacy for a Sustainable Food System Continue reading