Advocacy Reflection

For the advocacy project I did a lot of organizing and networking with peers about the project.  I also spent a lot of time in group meetings.  Some of the meetings were with the whole class and some were with my video group.  We had one meeting in which we all discussed the negotiations and… Continue reading

Policy and Advocacy Reflection

For my advocacy project my classmates and I decided to through our support behind the California State University Faculty in asking for wage raises from the CSU administration. Prior to the class and the decision to support faculty I knew almost nothing about the impeding strike and what was causing it. I was really interested […] Continue reading

Advocacy Reflection

For our Advocacy Project we focused on joining the CFA and the CSU staff in their fight for five. We wanted to see the CSU staff/ Faculty see a 5% increase in pay and a 2.65% service salary increase. As a group we looked at news articles and information that was on the fight for […] Continue reading

Advocacy Post

For our advocacy project we focused on the CSU/CFA bargaining agreement.  The CSU and the CFA could  not come to an agreement on the salaries of the faculty members throughout the Cal State System.  The purpose of the agreements is to set wages and other terms of employment.  During the round of negotiations, the CFA […] Continue reading has a Debate Scorecard for You


Each presidential election cycle,, an advocacy organization, produces a debate scorecard. Host a debate party and use this as a game with your friends, or use it by yourself for tonight’s Democratic debate. Then print another for the next … Continue reading