Klamath Restoration

The Klamath Basin has been in the forefront of national attention due to contentious resource issues including water allocation, water quality, and threatened endangered species. The Klamath River has been the third-largest producer of salmon on the West Coast, following closely behind the Sacramento and Columbia rivers. In 2002, a massive die-off of over 33,000 […] Continue reading

Advocacy Efforts

THE LOCATION Originating from Upper Klamath Lake in southern Oregon, the Klamath River flows 240 miles from Oregon into northern California before emptying into the Pacific Ocean near Requa, CA. The river drains an area of about 13,000 square miles. The Karuk Tribe and its allies seek the removal of the lower four dams. THE […] Continue reading

Advocacy Project – Columbus Day

Our advocacy project is to propose to end Columbus Day as a federal holiday as well as to rededicate Columbus Day as Exploration Day. Christopher Columbus oversaw and orchestrated many terrible atrocities against the Indigenous people he encountered. These acts include torture, rape, enslavement, human trafficking, and mass murder. The act of celebrating Columbus Day is […] Continue reading