Advocating for S.B. 256 – Homeless Children and Youth Act of 2015

Head over to the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY) for a brief overview of S.B. 256 before taking action of your own by visiting Help Homeless Kids Now and personalizing the letter template before sending it to your senator. This bill, if passed, will have incredible impacts on the lives of … Continue reading Advocating for S.B. 256 – Homeless Children and Youth Act of 2015 Continue reading

SB 1174 : Ed.G.E Initiative

Multilingual Education for a 21st Century Economy Act Visit and share our FB page… Executive Summary A large percentage of California’s public school children are English language learners, and this number is constantly growing. In June of 1998 Proposition 227 was passed. Proposition 227 is a piece of legislation that was focused on implementing […] Continue reading

Klamath Restoration

The Klamath Basin has been in the forefront of national attention due to contentious resource issues including water allocation, water quality, and threatened endangered species. The Klamath River has been the third-largest producer of salmon on the West Coast, following closely behind the Sacramento and Columbia rivers. In 2002, a massive die-off of over 33,000 […] Continue reading