Proposition 30

Jacki Maxwell, Cara Cannon, Sarah Pena, Elizabeth Martin, Eli Boggs Summary: California’s Proposition 30 imposed temporary sales tax increase and temporary tax increases to the state’s highest earners, with the revenue benefitting California K-12 schools (50%), Medi-Cal (40%), and prekindergarten/ early childhood education (10%). With the tax increases set to expire this year in 2016,… Continue reading

CD 479 Passions

  This youtube clip is extremely important to me, because many children face abuse on a daily basis and I would like to see a change with more resources available to those children who face these issues on a daily basis. So for me a safe place with professionals there to help is something worth […] Continue reading

Housing First

One of the policy arenas that I am interested in and passionate about is affordable housing. Last term I was in Contemporary Issues and I chose the Housing First model for my issue paper. During that process I learned a lot about the Housing First model that is now be adopted nation wide. In fact […] Continue reading