Child Trends

    Early childhood home visiting is a type of family support targeted to expectant parents and parents of children birth to age 5. Trained home visitors provide services and support for parents and their children in their homes, where they may feel most comfortable. Parents who choose to participate in home visits may receive […] Continue reading

Center on the Developing Child

Applying the Science of Child Development in Child Welfare Systems How can we use insights from cutting-edge science to improve the well-being and long-term life prospects of the most vulnerable children in our society? Child welfare systems encounter hundreds of thousands of these children, and their families, every year. In a new report, the Center shows […] Continue reading

Advocacy for a Sustainable Food System

I would like to the approach the advocacy project through direct action with something that I have experience and knowledge about already. I believe every person should have a variety of nutritious food available for their diet and that it is an essential component of health to have a healthy diet. I also have a … Continue reading Advocacy for a Sustainable Food System Continue reading

Rights, opinions, and individual liberty

Many of the Policy Groups, through the presentations, discussed the views of the Institute. It seemed interesting there is very large and influential nature of the advocacy, research and publications of these groups. The CATO Institute many not receive a significant portion of the funding for their projects from public sphere donations but they do … Continue reading Rights, opinions, and individual liberty Continue reading