Amendments in Bill Conditioning School Enrollment on Vaccination

This article provides updated information about Senate Bill 277, one that requires children to be vaccinated in order to enroll in schools. There are currently edits being made to this bill that give more options to children who are unvaccinated, which is important for those children who cannot be attend single-family homeschooling. The changes are […] Continue reading

Post #2 Water use regulations in California Summer is just around the corner. I think back to childhood and remember spending hours running through the sprinklers and having water gun and water balloon fights with my siblings and my friends on hot summer afternoons. Water conservation was not really a concept to me as a child. Now the state of California […] Continue reading

Jazmin’s 2nd Post: Why This Impoverished Tribe Is Facing A Surge In Teen Suicides

In the past several months, several teenagers on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, have committed suicide. The issues seen on Reservations are the legacy of the oppression of the American indian people over centuries. The lack of jobs, support and a promising future as lead many people living on the reservation unhopeful […] Continue reading

Just a number?

Throughout the years we have seen many talk about standardized testing. We now hear not just about standardized testing but also about the Common Core. I’m not super knowledgeable in what Common Core is but I do have a brief understanding. The reasoning as to why this article is important is because this speech is […] Continue reading