Easter Grass as Good as Spinach?

A recent Vanderbuilt University study looked at the universal preschool program in Tennessee. It’s conclusions have huge implications for preschool policy. Here’s how NIEER summarized the findings:

A recent study from Vanderbilt University found that despite initial gains there appears to be no later achievement advantage for … Continue reading

Bills of Interest to Child Care Professionals

CAPPAThe California Alternative Payment Program Administrators Association, a group of professionals who work with the state’s voucher system for low income families needing child care, regularly publishes an update on bills of interest and their progress, as well as advocacy events. … Continue reading

Boy Pulled from Class for Hairstyle

Jakobe Sanden, who is of Seneca and Paiute heritage, was very proud of his new haircut. But getting sent to the principal’s office because of it must have been distressing. Read about the incident here. The principal seems quite satisfied with the … Continue reading

Campaign Finance

We can’t really talk about current policy without an understanding of how campaign finance works. Campaign donations and political action committees (especially SuperPACs) are important to how our current political process works–although there are alternatives that most candidates aren’t using. After the last presidential debate, The Atlantic published this … Continue reading