1.2 million eligible children in California do not receive child care services

A recent report by the California Budget and Policy Center found that 1.2 million eligible children in California did not receive child care services through the state’s child care program. Out of 1.4 million eligible, only 218,000 received child care. Lack of available child care impedes California’s economic growth. Continue reading

Policy Post: AB-1567 Before and after school programs: enrollment: fees: homeless and foster youth: snacks or meals.

This bill was first enacted in 2002, titled After School Education and Safety Program act of 2002.  Some background information is that the above act was designed to establish after and before school programs to pupils in k-9, at public, middle, junior high, and charter schools. The act was originally designed to give priority enrollment in […] Continue reading

Policy Post: AB-1644 School-based early mental health intervention and prevention services

This Bill is active and currently pending in the senate and has been passed in the assembly. This existing law, the School-Based Early Mental Health Intervention and Prevention Services for Children Act of 1991. It currently authorizes the Director of Health Care Services, as well as the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Together, their goal is […] Continue reading

Is Big Soda the New Tobacco?

Voters in three cities in California- San Francisco, Oakland, and Albany- all  passed ballot measures to place a one cent-per-ounce tax on sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages, a move aimed at tackling obesity. Harry Goldstein, executive director of Public Health Advocates, wrote, “The growing worldwide movement to tax sugary beverages can no longer be stopped.”. http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2016/11/09/501472007/souring-on-sweet-voters-in-4-cities-pass-soda-tax-measures Continue reading

Policy Post 2: H.R. 4472 – Foster Care

The purpose of H.R. 4472 is to modernize the system of adoption across state lines which intends to speed up the process of interstate adoption. This Bill outlines the procedures that are required to orderly and timely place children and includes the use of an electronic interstate case-processing system. This will change the length of … Continue reading Policy Post 2: H.R. 4472 – Foster Care Continue reading