Governor’s Budget has Underestimated Revenue by Billions for Three Years in a Row

In proposing budgets for the last three years, Governor Brown has underestimated General Fund Revenue by billions of dollars each time. Caution is a virtue when making fiscal plans, but has it been good for the legislative planning that needs to be done each year? Read more here.
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Time to Look at Standardized Tests with a Balanced Perspective

In the wake of No Child Left Behind legislation, a bi-partisan effort signed by President Bush in 2001, public school education changed in many significant ways throughout the country. States that had previously had no education standards created and adopted standards. States that hadn’t had a way to access the … Continue reading

NY Times New Years Day Op Ed: Social Programs That Work

On this first day of 2015, the New York Times chose to publish an Editorial Opinion piece that argues against the cuts to the President’s social programs that the Republicans are seeking. Ron Haskins, Brookings Institute policy analyst who has advised Republican policymakers in the past, mentions home visiting programs, and Nurse Family Partnership in particular, in arguing … Continue reading Continue reading