USDA Initiative to End Childhood Hunger

Throughout the month of March, National Nutrition Month, the USDA highlighted the impact of their 15 nutrition assistance programs that 1 in 4 Americans rely  for the nutrition they need. On March 2, 2015  the USDA announced a new initiative that will provide “more than $27 million in grants to fund innovative projects designed help end … Continue reading USDA Initiative to End Childhood Hunger Continue reading

Finland moves towards “phenomenon-based” teaching

When first hearing about this topic during one of our 479 class discussions, I immediately wanted to explore this topic further. Finland has decided to restructure their approach to education by moving toward a more holistic-type implementation. This style is known as “phenomenon-based” teaching which strays away from subjects and towards inter-disciplinary topics. This notion … Continue reading Continue reading

Post #1 California reform on life sentences for juveniles. The title of the article is, “California Inmate’s Parole reflects rethinking of life terms for youth.” It was written by Marisa Gerber. This article draws attention to a law reform that California made in 2012 that is now coming into effect and making a difference in the lives of many children and families. California […] Continue reading

A Rare Victory for Black Voting Rights in the South

A Rare Victory for Black Voting Rights in the South Alabama Democrats accused Republicans of “unconsitutional racial gerrymandering” and took their case to the Supreme Court.The Democrats believed that certain districts had been redrawn based on race. They won the case with a 5-4 vote and the ruling was announced on the fiftieth anniversary of … Continue reading Continue reading