Will Trumpcare replace Obamacare?

This article by BBC News compares, contrasts and tracks the progress of the newly presented American Health Care Act. Major differences in the new bill include: No more penalties for not buying health coverage, limited federal funding for Medicaid (coverage for low-income people), no more requirement for large businesses (50+ employees) to offer insurance. Instead there […] Continue reading

Policy Post

This articles talks about the California commission  is setting up a board to help promote early child care and make a plan to help the 300,000 families with children who are eligible but do not have access to subsidized child care. The goal is to set up a long term plan and with a new governor next […] Continue reading

Policy Article “Defending Life: Opportunities for the 115th Congress”

I chose this article in correlation with my group’s policy institute, The Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank. Looking through their articles gives a better idea of the policy and social issues it’s members represent. Key points that the author makes in this article support the pro-life movement and urges Congress to pass legislation supporting… Continue reading Policy Article “Defending Life: Opportunities for the 115th Congress” Continue reading

Trump’s child care plan is gift to the rich, report says

http://money.cnn.com/2017/02/28/news/economy/donald-trump-child-care/ President Trump has promised to make child care cheaper. What is a shame is that his current proposal shows a strong favoritism to the wealthy, with 70% of the benefits going to families makes 100k or more, and 25% going to families that make 200k or more. This does absolutely nothing for the American … Continue reading Trump’s child care plan is gift to the rich, report says Continue reading

Immigrant mothers & children separated from each other

This article talks about how immigrant mothers and children could be separated from each other if a proposed Department of Homeland Security policy is approved. If this policy is approved then it would mean that mothers would be put into the United States’ detention system and their children would be removed from them and put … Continue reading “Immigrant mothers & children separated from each other” Continue reading

Policy article #1

https://edsource.org/2017/cal-state-extends-protections-for-undocumented-students/577696 In this article, Carolyn James discusses California State University’s pledge to protect students that are undocumented alongside the travel ban. This pledge was made as a response to the President’s efforts to deport students that are undocumented. These students may have aged out of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy which protects youth … Continue reading Policy article #1 Continue reading