Homelessness in Humboldt County

HOMELESSNESS IN HUMBOLDT COUNTY   SUMMARY   The Humboldt County Grand Jury reviewed the efforts being made by local government entities and service providers to assist the homeless in Humboldt County.   The Humboldt County Grand Jury finds:   There is no coordinated, countywide approach that encompasses a single intake, assessment and distribution of services … Continue reading Homelessness in Humboldt County Continue reading

Food Insecurity Policy Brief

Group Members: Jody D. Bivians Bethany Bankston Nay Nuzhat Ashley Lovelace Policy Article Brief: WIC Program Changes             In 2014 9.3 million people in the United States beneficiaries of the Women Infant and Children program (WIC). Carl Dewey Perkins, the original sponsor of the WIC program becoming permanent, helped establish the program to serve low … Continue reading Food Insecurity Policy Brief Continue reading

Vouchers Are a Vital Resource to Address Rental Housing Crisis // Policy Article for Discussion

Housing Choice Vouchers are a form of federal rental assistance.  The vouchers are administered in California by a network of ninety local, public housing agencies, and they help low-income families pay for housing.  300,000 of California’s poorest families use Housing Choice Vouchers. http://www.cbpp.org/research/housing/how-housing-vouchers-can-help-address-californias-rental-crisis   Continue reading

My Policy Article

ALL CHILDREN ARE CHILDREN Challenging Abusive Punishment of Juveniles The Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) is a private, nonprofit human rights organization.  EJI helps the poor, the incarcerated, the condemned, and children.  Our work with children is focused on providing legal assistance to juveniles condemned to die in prison; challenging the placement of youth in adult […] Continue reading