Supreme Court to Discuss Case of Cross-Border Killing in 2010 (Policy Article #1)

In June 2010, a 15-year old boy, Sergio Hernandez, was shot and killed by a border patrolman, Jesus Mesa, near the Mexican border.  Hernandez, along with several other boys, were daring each other to touch the wall when they were found by Mesa.  According to the article, Mesa had detained one of the boys and … Continue reading Supreme Court to Discuss Case of Cross-Border Killing in 2010 (Policy Article #1) Continue reading

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study was originally conducted from 1995-1997. This was the first study to document the association between childhood traumatic experiences and risky behaviors, health conditions, diseases and premature death later in life. Essentials for Childhood along with California Department of Public Health collaborated in 2016 to analyze the findings from this […] Continue reading

Voting Advocacy @ The RAVEN Project

For my advocacy project, I decided to reach out to (often) disenfranchised voters. The RAVEN Project is a Drop-In center and Outreach program that serves homeless, runaway and at-risk youth ages 10-21. The RAVEN Project offers food, showers, survival supplies, clean clothes, laundry, resource referrals and mail. One of the many difficulties that at risk youth face is… Continue reading Voting Advocacy @ The RAVEN Project Continue reading


As my last blog post, I wanted to share a site that I always find to be useful and informative. The NAEYC official site provides so much information in all areas of child development. I provided the direct link to the policy portion of the site below, but there is also so much more to […] Continue reading

Policy Post: AB-1567 Before and after school programs: enrollment: fees: homeless and foster youth: snacks or meals.

This bill was first enacted in 2002, titled After School Education and Safety Program act of 2002.  Some background information is that the above act was designed to establish after and before school programs to pupils in k-9, at public, middle, junior high, and charter schools. The act was originally designed to give priority enrollment in […] Continue reading

Policy Post: AB-1644 School-based early mental health intervention and prevention services

This Bill is active and currently pending in the senate and has been passed in the assembly. This existing law, the School-Based Early Mental Health Intervention and Prevention Services for Children Act of 1991. It currently authorizes the Director of Health Care Services, as well as the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Together, their goal is […] Continue reading