Advocate for ALL Students to obtain Food Security

During this semester I had the pleasure to work at the College of the Redwoods Resource Center (CRRC) and learn about CalFresh and student eligibility which is outlined through California Assembly Bill 1930. While doing outreach through the pantry and advocating for students to have more flexible standards in obtaining CalFresh benefits, my group and … Continue reading Advocate for ALL Students to obtain Food Security Continue reading

Current Issues in Legislation The Obama Administration’s efforts to create a process for integration of undocumented workers and those people already inside the United States into a pathway for legal residence status. Immigration Reform and a Path to Citizenship This article at overviews some of the processes that may replace the current faulty systems to provide a … Continue reading Current Issues in Legislation Continue reading

Bills of Interest to Child Care Professionals

CAPPAThe California Alternative Payment Program Administrators Association, a group of professionals who work with the state’s voucher system for low income families needing child care, regularly publishes an update on bills of interest and their progress, as well as advocacy events. … Continue reading