Policymaker’s Guide to Initiatives Preschool to 3rd Grade

Here’s a great example of an easy resource designed for policymakers, by the bipartisan Education Commission of the States, who provide nonpartisan education analysis for states.

The primer summarizes key issues and poses central questions for policymakers. This is a great way to orient legislators to the issues.

Advocacy Proposal

Our group is doing our advocacy project on the Trinity River water flows and water rights for the Hoopa People. When water is taken from the river to ship to aggregate communities it lowers the water temperatures and kills the fish. The warm temperatures effect the wildlife, food supplies, causes illness and ruins diets for […] Continue reading

Is this working?

Link to episode 538: Is this working? This American Life episode is about “Stories of schools struggling with what to do with misbehaving kids. For teachers, it’s not clear how to get the kids to behave. Asking politely does not always work. Or detention. You can suspend them, but sending kids home from the thing […] Continue reading