LAO Analyzes Human Service Spending Plan

The Legislative Analyst’s Office has released its report on the plan for spending on human services in California. Their message is below. Please note that discussion of the foster care system. There is much more detailed info in their report, so follow the link to the full analysis.

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Compton Unified Fights Lawsuit by Students

As our understanding of neurobiology and the effects of trauma grows, our understanding of the foundations of children’s behavior has changed. We now know that when children have experience trauma, their behavior may look defiant, inattentive, reactive or otherwise different than what we expect with “typical” development. In fact, when … Continue reading

Germany Just Eliminated College Tuition

Bear with me through the end of this rant. It is full of resources and is a useful example of how economics and context are important to understanding a policy. Happy Friday!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the statistics shared in class last night by our guest speaker. … Continue reading