Support School-Based Mental Health Services — AB 1025

Advocating for: AB 1025: Pupil health: multi-tiered and integrated interventions pilot program Lead Author: Thurmond For our advocacy project we focused on AB 1025. This bill, if passed, will establish 30 pilot programs that implement school-based mental health services over a three year period. The program encourages inclusive practices that incorporate mental health, special education, … Continue reading Continue reading

Preschool for All!

Our advocacy project is in support of the initiative for preschool for all. We have researched the topic, written letters to the Board of Education, we have designed and posted flyers explaining our cause and where to get more information in HGH, the CDL, and the HSU Children Center, we have created pamphlets with further […] Continue reading

Advocating for S.B. 256 – Homeless Children and Youth Act of 2015

Head over to the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY) for a brief overview of S.B. 256 before taking action of your own by visiting Help Homeless Kids Now and personalizing the letter template before sending it to your senator. This bill, if passed, will have incredible impacts on the lives of … Continue reading Advocating for S.B. 256 – Homeless Children and Youth Act of 2015 Continue reading

Amendments in Bill Conditioning School Enrollment on Vaccination

This article provides updated information about Senate Bill 277, one that requires children to be vaccinated in order to enroll in schools. There are currently edits being made to this bill that give more options to children who are unvaccinated, which is important for those children who cannot be attend single-family homeschooling. The changes are […] Continue reading