CD 211 and CD 211S Perspectives: Professional Development


CD 211 and CD 211S are sections of one class!  That is because Perspectives: Professional Development comes with  two choices : with a Service Learning experience (CD 211s) or with a  research abstract (CD 211).  In either case, we all meet together for class and explore the dispositions, skills and processes involved in identifying, working toward and achieving academic and professional goals.

Ideally this should be one of the first classes you take as a Child Development major.  It will introduce you to the many different careers that Child Development professionals pursue and help you plan your academic program and continuing professional development so you can achieve your goals.  This course will also introduce you to the Child Development department and its expectations for students.

Some Key topics and resources covered in CD 211 include:

  •  Careers and Professional Fields open to Child Development Majors
  • Professional Dispositions
  • Instrumental Skills for Academic and Professional Work (including APA writing standards)DegreePrograms1
  • Professional Standards and Networks
  • Preparing your resume, cover letter and professional portfolio
  • Professional Ethics, Confidentiality and Informed Consent
  • Self-assessment and Reflection in Learning and Professional Development
  • Building and Maintaining Your Professional Development Plan (including your study plan for your major)

The links above provide access to resources you can use at any time to support your continuing academic and professional success.

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