Briefing Blogs

The blogs listed below  are created by class members of CD 362 and provide information and resources relevant to different types of stressors facing children and families.

¬†“Normal stressors”

Loss of a pet; School readiness; Perceptions of aging grandparents

“Absence of and/or Separation from Caregivers/Attachment Figures”

Absence of core caregivers in infancy; Extreme separation anxiety; Separation anxiety in twins


Relocating in Adolescence; Frequent Relocations

“Military Families”


“Chronic or Life Threatening Child Illness”

Chronic Illness; Life Threatening Illness

“LGBT Identity and Stress”

Children who identify as transgender; LDGT identity; Adolescent LGBT individuals and homelessness

“Homelessness/Poverty/SES and Stress”

Family financial stress; Poverty and mother-child relationships; Homelessness; Socioeconomic Status

“Culture, Context and Identity Needs”

Minority culture membership; Bullying; Lack of connection to environment

“Incarcerated Parents”

Incarcerated parents; Incarcerated mothers

“Substance Exposure”

Smoking and oxidative stress; Parental alcoholism

“Multiple Challenges”

Children diagnosed as having ASD; Multiple maltreatment

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