Daily Routine and Curriculum

Daily Routine

Children Working with Letters

Each day includes:

  • Child initiated outdoor play using materials designed for learning
  • Child initiated indoor play including special activities that change regularly

Snack is served buffet style and children often assist in preparing snack. They serve themselves and clean up after themselves.

Teachers provide planned activities for small groups. Each child participates in small group with the same children over a period of time. This helps to build collaboration and communication skills with a variety of peers, including children that the child might not self-select as playmates. In addition, small groups include children at a variety of developmental and skill levels, to children’s opportunities to learn from and help one another.

Each day there are adult led large group activities that support curriculum themes and concepts and help children explore and extend group participation skills.

Teachers meet before and after each session for planning and reflection.


Children Planting in Sand BoxOur curriculum invites children to explore their interests, learn new skills and understand themselves, each other and the world around them.

Each day children:

  • Ask questions, share ideas and solve problems
  • Speak, write and listen
  • Move and handle materials and tools
  • Care for themselves, each other and their environment

Teacher and Children with InstrumentsThrough their activities children:

  • Learn about who they are and what they can do
  • Challenge themselves to try new things
  • Take responsibility for themselves and their work
  • Plan, do and share their activities
  • Express their ideas and feelings
  • Solve real problems
  • Learn to make choices and meet their own needs
  • Learn to be members of a group
  • Learn to be both leaders and helpers
  • Practice taking pride in their work

2016 Schedule Morning Session

2016 Schedule Afternoon Session

Weekly Activity Plan

Two Children and Teacher Run in a Field

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