Family Teacher Relations

Parents and Child at Pumpkin Patch SocialChildren grow and thrive in the school environment when they see that their parents and teachers respect each other, share information and concerns, and work together as partners. We encourage regular communication through telephone calls,home visits, conferences, social events, parent meetings, newsletters, hand-written messages, and everyday conversations. There is also a message notebook in the cubbie area where family members can leave short messages for teachers at drop off or pick up time if they don’t have a chance to talk in that moment. We also invite parents to come to the classroom to share personal interests, family traditions and celebrations or to work with the children. We do have to schedule these activities in advance in order to ensure that they do not conflict with assignments that must be completed by students working in the Lab.

Building positive relationships is at the heart of all we do. We believe that quality communication and confidentiality central to this effort. We keep all information discussed with family members or contained in children’s files confidential. We ask that all members of the CDL community maintain high standards of respectful communication and confidentiality. Read our statement on confidentiality.

Father Sharing Music at a Large Group

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