Special Links for Families

Welcome CDL Families!  This page is particularly for you.

Your participation at the CDL is an important part of our learning community; we share a partnership in creating a welcoming environment that supports all of us, children and adults, in learning.

The “Lab” is a little different place than other preschools might be because of its role in the preparation of Child Development professionals. That is one of the reasons that participation in family orientation is mandatory. Your Head Teacher will be sending you more information about the orientation event. Even if you are a returning family, we ask that you attend orientation every year because things in the Child Development Department and the Lab are subject to change.

Your Family Handbook is a key source of information. We will give you a copy at the beginning of the semester, but you can also always find it here. From time to time we must make changes to the Family Handbook. We’ll let you know what that happens.

Family Handbook_CDL_2016

Here are two special resources for you:

1. Some essential highlights about curriculum, discipline, confidentiality and our role in training child development professionals

2. A new blog that is password protected so that we can share information about events and activities with families; it’s one more way for us to communicate with each other.  You can get your password from your session teachers.

Child Development Department Website

We encourage you to explore the other parts of the Child Development Department website. There is information there about Department activities and you might be interested in seeing some of the information that we provide for our students, particularly those who are working with your children and participating in the teaching seminars, CD 257 and CD 358.

Other Community Resources include:

Humboldt County Office of Education

Humboldt County First Five

Redwood Coast Regional Center

Changing Tides Family Services

HSU Community Counseling Clinic

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