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A professional network is a valuable resource throughout one’s career. It can provide employment opportunities, information, professional support and encouragement and much more. One of the most valuable and stimulating aspects of a professional network is the opportunity for ongoing discussion of topics and events relevant to one’s profession.

In order to provide our students with experience in professional dialogue, the Child Development department has created an online forum on Word Press for this purpose (see link on Moodle). Discussion questions will be posted weekly by faculty as well as by students in designated senior-level classes. All Child Development students are welcome to contribute to the online discussion. Students in designated classes (CD 211, CD 469, CD 479 and CD 482) are required to participate. It is essential to keep in mind that the questions posed do not have easy answers, nor is there likely to be a single correct response. The questions will be both provocative and open-ended, often with multiple aspects to be considered. Questions may involve current events relevant to children and families, policy issues, challenges to the field of child development, potential challenges to professionalism, etc.

The Question of the Week will be posted at the beginning of the week. Students are welcome to share their thoughts: to answer the question, share relevant thoughts and/or experiences, perhaps suggest resources- basically discuss the issue. The discussion will be monitored and facilitated by the students or faculty who posed the question. Contributions are expected to be courteous and respectful in order to maintain the professional nature of the discussion.

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