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For the history books! The HSU Human 100 Aerial Photo.

Date: September 03, 2013

Cherry Picker-Human 100

Nearly 1,000 students, faculty and staff gathered to form a Human 100 to commemorate HSU’s 100th year on Friday, August 30th on the HSU Events Field.
The first 800 participants received a free t-shirt. The event began at 3pm in the afternoon and in just a few short minutes, the t-shirt bins were completely empty.

The photo was a wonderful end to the first week of classes and a great beginning to the HSU Centennial yearlong celebration. Participants gathered in each number to form
the number “100” as photographers from 3 different angles captured the moment including; an airplane, quadcopter and cherry picker lift.

Aerial Quadcopter

Plane-Human 100

To view the aerial video and more photos visit: http://bit.ly/165e9Ck

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