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Why not ALL of 2013?

Date: August 20, 2012

You may be tempted, but don’t fire up your Centennial noisemakers in January 2013. Remember, the Celebration starts in August 2013.

But “why?” you might ask. And if you’re asking, then you’re not alone. After all, the university seal clearly specifies “1913.” And the university brag-spots on KHSU always end with “Humboldt State University … since 1913.”

Here’s the thinking …

After years of lobbying and politicking by local boosters, Gov. Hiram Johnson signed the law establishing Humboldt State in June 1913. Lots of planning and work ensued. By the time the school actually opened its doors, it was April 2014.

As is clear, it would have been premature to start celebrating HSU’s 100 th in January, and nobody is really in the mood that time of year anyway. Maybe things could have kicked off in June, but school isn’t in session, making that an awkward choice. So, given the historical facts and academic year constraints, the timing of the Centennial Celebration became obvious – August 2013 to May 2014.

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