Then and Now - A Century of Changes at Humboldt State University
<strong>Lucky Logger</strong><br />

Lucky Logger was adopted as the official school mascot in 1959. Over the years there have been several versions of the Lucky mascot. Associated Students introduced the latest version in 2011. <strong>In the Classroom</strong><br />

The subjects and the equipment have changed, but one thing that remains constant is a Humboldt State professor's commitment to students. <strong>Residential Life</strong><br />

Living on campus is still a big part of the experience for many students. According to the 1962 freshman guidebook, Humboldt State College was set up to house 442 students and a full semester’s room and board went for $370. <strong>Striking a Pose</strong><br />

In the founding days of Humboldt State, men were compelled to wear blue twill suits and women were to wear only drab colors. Things have eased up since, and students from the '50s to today prefer casual, comfortable attire <strong>Football</strong><br />

Athletics have been a part of Humboldt State's offerings since the 1920s.<br />

When football got its start, nearly every man on campus was pressed into service for the team. The first intercollegiate match was held against Southern Oregon Normal School in 1927. Today, the team is a regular contender for the Greater Northwest Athletic Conference championship title. <strong>Dining on Campus</strong><br />

In the 1940s, students dined in the cafeteria of Nelson Hall, the first permanent dorm on campus. Those seeking a cup of coffee or a soda headed to the COOP, a cooperative bookstore and soda fountain. Today, HSU has a number of eateries in all corners of campus. <strong>Gist Hall</strong><br />

Once the College Elementary School, Gist Hall now houses administrative offices, the KRFH broadcasting studios and a host of smart classrooms and lab facilities. The Gist Hall Theatre, however, still operates as it did in the 1930s. <strong>The Library</strong><br />

Humboldt ’s library has grown substantially over time. Today the library is a haven for tech-connected students. The original Founders Hall library is now the Green & Gold Room. <strong>Environmental Care</strong><br />

Caring for the environment has been a part of Humboldt State's curriculum from the very beginning. Early recruiting materials boasted of the school 's connection to its rural environment, and things haven't changed much since. <strong>Marching Band</strong><br />

Humboldt State’s marching band alternated between the traditional and the quirky in its earlier years before settling on the scatter band motif in 1968. Today, without a doubt, the Marching Lumberjacks are the best marching band on the planet. <strong>Graduation</strong><br />

The first Humboldt State Normal School graduations took place at Arcata's Minor Theatre. Later ceremonies took place in the Founders Hall courtyard. Today, Redwood Bowl hosts graduates and guests at three commencement ceremonies every spring.