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Cracking the Books

Parker Polluck (’63, ’67, Economics)

First Week: Frosh Camp conducted many activities on and off campus for new students but you were asked to wear a beanie. This all took place the week before classes began. I missed most of it as football practice was twice a day with a great free lunch set up in the gym all provided by the Big Four restaurant which was located below campus and a bit to the north up 101.

Favorite professor: Dr. Robert Dickerson (Econ), Coach Phil Sarboe & Dr. Don Karshner (Dean of Men)

Favorite class: Industrial Relations, Labor Economics & Economic History all taught by Prof. Dickerson.  He was dedicated to his field and was enthusiastic in class. He influenced my teaching of econ in a myriad of ways.

Groups and activities: I was a member of Delta Sigma Phi, played varsity football for four years and taught first year econ as a graduate student. The fraternity was great for a social life; football allowed me to meet some really fine men and to play on Humboldt’s first undefeated team which amassed a 20 & 0 record over two seasons, albeit we lost by a point in the Holiday Bowl in 1960; and the teaching experience convinced me that teaching would be my career, which it was for 42 years.

Study: The library which was at the south end of Founders’ Hall.

Miss about Humboldt: The people I worked with over the summers at Arcata Redwood Co.  I was a gyppo car loader and my partner and I split $1.20 per 1000 bf.  I also really miss going to the beach.

Special: The community/campus unity was impressive, really stands out in my mind.

Deanna Chew (’93, Marine Biology)

First week: It was quite an overwhelming and exciting experience. It was the first time I was so far away from home. I was also excited about starting my journey to earning a biology degree. I had loved biology since I was young, so I knew HSU was the best choice for me because of its location and professors.

Favorite professor: I had two, Dr. Rasmussen, my advisor, and Dr. DeMartini. They both influenced my path toward graduation. Dr. Rasmussen helped me by suggesting I get tested for academic challenges. Thanks to him, I got the assistance I needed for my learning disability. He was also very supportive in encouraging me to never quit on my dream of graduating with a biology degree.  Dr. DeMartini also encouraged me to learn word roots, which was a great skill in biology.

Favorite class: Mammalogy with Dr. Tim Lawlor. I loved studying one of my favorite subjects, mammals. I especially liked the marine mammal skulls and visiting Dr. Lawlor’s property, where he accidentally caught a skunk.

Groups and activities: I was a member of the swim team and the Humboldt Orientation Program class. I also participated in the environmental education volunteer program at the Youth Educational Services building.

Humboldt connection: I feel the most growing up I did as a person was volunteering at the Y.E.S. House with the environmental education program. It allowed me to teach kids about something I loved, while having fun. I also grew up during the retreats with the Humboldt Orientation Program. The retreats really allowed me to look at myself, to be more open and have confidence.

Study: I loved the Fish and Wildlife Student Lounge. I enjoyed the animals around me. I would also study in a small area in between the science buildings, where a professor used to live years ago.

Miss About Humboldt: I miss the Redwood Forest.

Graduation: It was fun. I sat right next to my lab partner from invertebrate zoology. It was nice to have finally graduated. I also had my family and friends there for support. It meant a lot to me. The weather was beautiful.

Special: I feel the personal growth and sense of accomplishment affected me for the rest of my life. I value my time at HSU and will always have fond memories of my time there.

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