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Allison Sadauskas (Pasto) (’00, English)

First Year at Humboldt: As a high school senior from a tiny suburb of San Francisco, I was very much looking forward to leaving my home after graduation and beginning a new chapter of my life. After visiting several colleges in California, I decided on Humboldt State University. I felt the small town atmosphere of Arcata, its location in the Redwoods, and the small class sizes would be a perfect fit for me. As I drove up to unload my car the first day at Redwood Hall, I was excited and nervous about all the new people I would meet and the task of making entirely new friends. But nothing could prepare me for the wonderful new people I met that first year at HSU. Not only did I become fast friends with my fellow third floor roommates, I also embraced my classmates and fellow students. Now, nearly 16 years later, I am even closer than ever to that “core” group of friends from my first year of college. We have traveled together, celebrated weddings, babies and many achievements. We would never have even met, let alone become friends, had it not been for HSU. I am eternally grateful to HSU for introducing me to these amazing people in my life.

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