Aquatic Adventures

Center Activities is the regional boating safety center for the North Coast and is supported by the California State Parks Division of Boating & Waterways. The Division allocates funds for boating facilities, boating safety education and boating law enforcement throughout California. Center Activities’ aquatics equipment inventory is also funded by Boating & Waterways to enhance boating safety education in Northern California.

Water Safety Requirements: To participate in any Aquatics class you must be "water safe". You must have the ability to swim a short distance using any stroke and be able to tread water for five minutes.

Aquatics Equipment and Rental Program: All aquatic classes include use of boats, boating equipment, personal floatation devices (PFDs), spray jackets and Farmer John wetsuits. Surfing classes include hooded full-body wetsuits, surfboards and booties. Aquatic equipment, not scheduled for use by a Center Activities class, is available through our rental program to qualified persons.

Receive all the benefits of cardio, core and balance training while you  escape the walls of the... read more!

April 3 - May1
Come join us for an introductory course in the sport of outrigger canoe paddling. Learn paddling... read more!
April 3 - May 1

Receive all the benefits of cardio, core and balance training while you  escape the walls of the... read more!

April 3 - May1

This course will initially concentrate on learning improved bracing and from there we will... read more!

April 3

Join Center Activities for two full exhilarating days at Big Lagoon and learn to harness the... read more!

April 9-10
This is the first course of our Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced courses offered, however is... read more!
April 9
Just north of Ferndale is a magical place on the Eel River Slough. During our excursion, we will... read more!
April 10

Are you ready to get out of the whitewater and surf real waves? Join us for the continuation of... read more!

April 16


Test your might and come celebrate the New Year with our first annual Polar Bear Paddle &...
January 2
Progress your paddling skills in this fun and safe environment with this class that focuses on...
January 3
This challenging 80 hour course is designed to provide outdoor leaders, instructors, guides,...
January 6-15
This 2-hour on-land session will be held at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center and focus on the...
January 6

Drop-In / Weekly Events

This challenging 30-minute class is specifically designed to target your core and lower body with...
October 19 - November 18
This fitness program combines low-impact cardio and strength exercise. One day each week will...
October 20 - November 19
Come get DRENCHED in sweat with this high energy class. Whether you're new to dance, new to fitness...
October 19 - November 19