ACA Instructor Certification Workshop for Whitewater Kayak

February 27 - March 1 & March 7 - 8
Learn to be a fun, safe, and effective whitewater kayak instructor! This course will help aspiring instructors improve their teaching abilities, while adhering to the ACA’s golden standard of excellence. We will explore teaching styles, as well as student learning styles, practice teaching skills and giving presentations both on and off of the water. The course will cover teaching progressions for hard skills and boating concepts. You will also have lots of opportunity to hone your own personal paddling skills and technique. Candidates are tested on teaching ability, technical knowledge, and the ability to perform rescues and maintain safety. Modeling ability, paddling skill, and communication skills will also be assessed. This class is tons of FUN, and a great opportunity for personal paddling and instructional growth. The ACA is a world-wide organization, dedicated to promoting safety and education in paddle sports, and the golden standard for kayak instruction in the country. For more information about the American Canoe Association and this certification, please visit
Program Fee: 
Level 1: $180 HSU Students • $200 All others; Level 2: $280 HSU Students • $300 All others; Level 3: $380 HSU Students • $400 All others; Level 4: $480 HSU Students • $500 All others
Day and Time: 
Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the first weekend and Saturday and Sunday for the second. Level 1 and 2 certification conclude by the end of the first weekend. Levels 3 - 4 must attend both weekends. In general, we will meet every morning at 8:30 AM and participants should expect to be on the water until 5:30 PM.
Day 1: Stone Lagoon Visitor Center


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