Health & Fitness

We strive to offer a variety of Group Fitness classes to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Join us in a safe and motivating environment that will keep you moving! 

Call the SRC at 826-4197 for more info and registeration and follow us on Facebook for weekly workout suggestions and fitness related articles.
Transform and enhance your body and mood! SharQuí is A blend of authentic belly dancing technique... read more!
October 17 - November 16

You won’t feel guilty eating that half-pound sandwich for lunch... read more!

October 15 - November 14
A circuit program that incorporates equipment such as: sleds, prowlers and tires, to encourage a... read more!
October 15 - November 14

This class is designed to build warmth, mobilize joints, and get energy flowing through... read more!

October 15 -November 14


Prepare to scale to new heights with the Climbing Safety Seminar! Here participants will learn the...
September 25
Play in the heart of Humboldt by navigating a single or double sit-on-top inflatable river kayak....
September 29
Ever experience a coastal campout right in between the forest and the ocean? Here’s your chance! On...
September 29 - 30
This on-land sailing session is held at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center and is the perfect...
September 30