Health & Fitness

We strive to offer a variety of classes to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Join us in a safe and motivating environment that will keep you moving! We also offer Personal Training at our Fitness Center (on HSU campus), which feature an extensive strength training & weight room area, a cardio training area with a variety of exercise equipment (including ADA accessible machines), and a 46-foot  climbing wall with boaldering area. Check out our Group Fitness page for a variety of classes that would get you moving!

Call the SRC at 826-4197 for more info and registeration and follow us on Facebook for weekly workout suggestions and fitness related articles.

willPower & Grace ®

October 18 - November 17

Experience a unique, full-body barefoot workout that combines cardio, muscle conditioning, the self-awareness of yoga, and the discipline of pilates. Train head-to-toe in this equipment free fusion workout.

Stretch and Refresh

October 18 - November 17
Thiss class will guide you through full body stretch and strengthening exercises designed to release tension. Gently increase circulation throughout the body while increasing range of motion and muscle tone in target areas suh as the core, the feet, and the spine.

Introduction to Indoor Climbing

September 4 - November 13

This course is designed as an introduction to the sport of rock climbing with an emphasis on climbing for enjoyment and health.


October 19 - November 16

This class is designed to build warmth, mobilize joints, and get  energy flowing. Cultivate inner awareness while building strength and flexibility.


October 17 - November 17

Spinning is a non-impact, highly effective way to build cardiovascular strength and endurance. This class is appropriate for all levels. Class size is limited - register early! A wheelchair accessible station is available with advance notice.



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October 29
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November 5
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