Leisure Activities

Take advantage of this unique program offering personal enrichment and skill acquisition courses encompassing the arts, movement, skills, training and more! Our highly qualified Leisure Instructors bring extensive experience to the diverse range of classes offered through this program. Registration deadlines for Leisure Activities will be the first day of classes for most offerings.

Qi Gong are ancient exercises designed to promote awareness of one’s own internal experience and... read more!
March 23 - April 20
Fermented foods are loaded with probiotics and good bacteria. A balance between the good and bad... read more!
April 7
Want to promote Environmental Literacy? Come join us for a Project Learning Tree Workshop! At the... read more!
April 14
Learn all about how to build a plant-based pantry, how to source the best ingredients for the... read more!
May 3


Transform and enhance your body and mood! SharQuí is A blend of authentic belly dancing technique...
March 19 - April 18
This class is designed to build warmth, mobilize joints, get energy flowing through stretching and...
Option 2: March 19 - April 18
A circuit program that incorporates equipment such as sleds, prowlers and tires to encourage a high...
Option 2: March 20 - April 19
Spinning is a non-impact, highly effective way to build cardiovascular strength and endurance. This...
Option 2: March 20 - April 19