Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity Simply Explained

February 22, 29 & March 7

Have you always wanted to know something about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?  Well here is your chance.  Presented in a light (pun intended) fun way focusing on understanding the concepts with just a little bit of the math.

Relativity has 2 parts, there is Special Relativity (about space and time) and General Relativity (about gravity).  This class will be mainly about Special Relativity which is very accessible to the average person.  No science or math background needed.

In a nutshell, Special Relativity teaches us that, due to there being a fastest relative speed, the measurements of distances and time periods are reference frame dependent.  In class, we’ll explain what a reference frame is and then follow a logical path to some very mind bending conclusions.

It is all based on a foundation set down hundreds of years ago by another giant, Galileo Galilei.  He figured out that, if you’re in uniform motion, there is no way to determine your speed.  This might not sound so fantastic but where Einstein is able to take this is very fantastic.

Instructor:  Phillip Lazzar, Phil.Lazzar@gmail.com.  If you’d like to do some advance studies, let the instructor know and he’ll get you some excellent resources to give you a head start.

Program Fee: 
$8 HSU Students • $13 All Others
Day and Time: 
Mondays • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
HSU Science Building • Room A 564


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