Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity Simply Explained

Feb 17 – 26
This year is the 100 year anniversary of Albert Einstein’s crowning achievement that overthrew the laws of physics that had stood for some 200 years with his Theory of Relativity.  By doing thought experiments Einstein was able to create a new way of looking at space, time, and motion.  This class is an introduction to this counter-intuitive topic where you will learn about spacetime, time travel, the Twin’s Paradox and more.

Einstein is quoted as saying that when instructing the teacher should make the subject as simple as possible without making it wrong.  That is our goal here!  To strip away all the unnecessary jargon, math, and complexity and get down to the essential core so that you can, with some effort on your part, come to understand one of the all-time most amazing achievements of the human mind.

The class is open to everyone of all ages and education levels.  There are no prerequisites.  However, you are encouraged to contact the instructor directly for some resources that will help you prepare for the class.  There are some very good resources online that he can direct you to.  You can reach him at PhilLazzar@gmail.com.

Program Fee: 
$8 HSU Students • $13 All Others
Day and Time: 
Tuesdays and Thursdays • 6:30 – 8:00 PM
HSU Science Building A 564

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