Leisure Activities

Take advantage of this unique program offering personal enrichment and skill acquisition courses encompassing the arts, movement, skills, training and more! Our highly qualified Leisure Instructors bring extensive experience to the diverse range of classes offered through this program. Registration deadlines for Leisure Activities will be the first day of classes for most offerings.

In this class you will learn basic relaxation and meditation techniques, and we will explore how... read more!

March 16

Join us to find out why not all coffee is created equal. Taste different roasts side by side in... read more!

April 1

Learn wet felting basics including the mechanics of felting wool and how to handle wool roving.... read more!

April 6

Want to add that ‘unique something special’ to your textile projects? Learn the heirloom... read more!

April 6

This class is designed to introduce archery through the hands-on application of using a bow and... read more!

April 29


This challenging 80 hour course is designed to provide outdoor leaders, instructors, guides,...
January 4 – 13
You can bake great bread at home! Rhonda Wiedenbeck owns Beck’s Bakery and encourages baking with...
January 14
The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) provides basic life support care to critically ill or...
January 17 - May 9
This course provides first responders and healthcare providers the requisite knowledge and skills...
January 28