New Student Orientation Outdoor Adventures

Welcome Freshman and Transfer Students

Welcome Home to Humboldt! Humboldt State University is nestled between lush redwood forests, pristine beaches and beautiful river ecosystems in a world-renowned recreational paradise. Part of the transition to our rural Humboldt State campus is to get to know this outdoor environment in a safe and guided way. Center Activities is here to support you and introduce you to your new surroundings!

During new student orientation, you and/or your family are invited to join several amazing and affordable day trips of hiking, kayaking, rafting, surfing, rock climbing, and outdoor exploration.

Starting a new life far from home can be intimidating at first and the Outdoor Adventure program is a great opportunity to meet other students who are new to Humboldt County. We often receive rave reviews from students who spent a weekend exploring with us, and have gained a new appreciation for the environment and their new outdoor skills. We hear just as much positive feedback about the friendships these students built during their weekend in the wild.

So, you've never rock climbed in your life and you don't own a pair of those odd-looking climbing shoes—can you still participate in the trip? Absolutely. No experience is required for any of these trips. We have patient, experienced guides who will teach you how to have a safe and fun time in all of these adventures. In addition, all required gear and transportation is included!

Whether you have family members who are in town and you are looking for something to do or you are looking to meet other students, we have options for you. Please look at our class descriptions to determine which adventures would best suit your interests.

Please Note:

  • These trips are only open to new or transfer HSU students AND their immediate guests. Trips will fill to capacity, so reserve your spot as early as possible.
  • Every student who participates in an aquatic activity must be "water safe." This means that the participant must be able to swim at least 25 yards, using any stroke, and then be able to tread water for five minutes.
Register by phone by c​ontacting Center Activities at 7​07.826.3357​ or c​ You can pay by credit card over the phone.
Register by mail by mailing the Orientation Registration Form to Center Activities, 1 Harpst Street, Arcata CA 95521.

Humboldt State University has endless hiking opportunities in the expansive redwood forest that... read more!

August 18 (Guests Welcome)
Join fun-seekers for a recreational kayak paddle on the Eureka Waterfront and Woodley Island areas... read more!
August 18 (Guests Welcome)

This trip will offer students a chance to explore the scenic Trinity River! This full day... read more!

August 19 (Guests Welcome)
Join fun-seekers for a recreational kayak paddle on the Eureka Waterfront and Woodley Island areas... read more!
August 19 (Guests Welcome)

This trip will offer students a chance to explore paddle boarding on Humboldt’s pristine... read more!

August 25

This course is designed as an introduction to the sport of climbing with an emphasis on climbing... read more!

August 25

This weekend trip will take place at one of Humboldt State Park’s coastal lagoons. Rich with... read more!

August 25 & 26

Join us on a surfing adventure along the coast of Moonstone Beach! Take an opportunity to meet... read more!

August 26


Expand and improve your kayaking skills with our intermediate course! Students will be introduced...
July 21
Come and experience the Trinity River in a new and exciting way. Our seasoned whitewater specialist...
July 22
Ever wanted to go stand up paddleboarding, but don’t know where to start? This course can get you...
July 22
This camp is for adventurous teens who want to experience a taste of endless summer surfing fun!...
July 23 - 26