Outdoor Adventures

Are you ready to explore the vast and beautiful Humboldt country, and the adventures that lay within it?

Join us for your next big adventure, whether it’s rock climbing, hiking, backpacking or even winter excursions, and discover the opportunities that are just on the tips of your fingers!

Take that first step to experience the fun, excitement and comradery of outdoor adventures, because once you come with use, there is no going back.


Curious about who leads your trip? All our outdoor trip leaders have strong backgrounds in their respective  fields.

Each trip leader has a minimum of

  • First Aid,
  • CPR certification,
  • Leave No Trace (LNT),
  • California Department of Boating and Waterways Card (DBW),
and also have skills, training, and experience necessary for specific activities such as rock climbing certifications and backcountry medicine.

Want to check out some other resources? Go visit our neighbors below!

 Leave no Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

The Center for Outdoor Ethics has some great resources on how to keep a lower impact in the places and spaces we love, to help preserve them for future trips and generations.           

American Hiking Society

The American Hiking Society has some great tips and tricks to use on your next adventure! They have everything from planning your hike, to outdoor skills.

Have more questions, or want to get in touch? Reach us through email here, or visit us at the Center Activities front desk, located in the Rec and Wellness Center building on campus.


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