Backpacking the Lost Coast

July 7 - 9

Looking for a bit of a challenge, but aren’t ready to traverse steep mountains? This introductory backpacking course takes you on a section of the famous Lost Coast trail, an area that is unique to the entire coast of California. Though the trail is moderately level, the soft sand and traverse rocks make it an ideal challenge for any backpacker.

Mandatory Pre-trip Meeting: 
Wednesday • July 5 • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM • Recreation & Wellness Center Lounge
Program Fee: 
$160 HSU students • $185 all others
Program Fee Includes: 
Transportation to and from the trailhead, 5 prepared meals starting with Saturday’s breakfast, and backcountry permits. Professional and seasoned guides who are equipped with commercial drivers license and certified in wilderness medical training.
Day and Time: 
Friday • 5:00 PM - Sunday evening
Registration Deadline: 
Friday • June 30


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