Backpacking the Lost Coast

October 12 - 14

Have you ever trekked between the sea-strand of the shore, and the forested mountains of the kings? Now’s your chance! This beginner level backpacking course takes you on a section of the much sought after Lost Coast trail, in the California King Range Conservation Area. This breathtaking trail is moderately level. The soft sand and traverse rocks make it an ideal adventure for any backpacker. Participants will acquire wilderness skills, learn Leave No Trace principles, and pick up essential outdoor tips and tricks.

Mandatory Pre-trip Meeting: 
Wednesday, October 10, 6-7:30 PM • Recreation & Wellness Center, Room 124
Topics Include: 
Gear packing, knots, backcountry living, wilderness survival, Leave No Trace, layering, and backpacking basics
Program Fee: 
$160 HSU Students • $185 All Others
Program Fee Includes: 
Seasoned professionals trained in backcountry living and advanced backcountry medical training, transportation to and from trailhead, backcountry permits, and 5 fully prepared meals starting with Saturday’s breakfast
Day and Time: 
Friday • 4:30 PM - Sunday evening
Registration Deadline: 
Monday before event


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