Backpacking the Marble Mountains

April 21 – April 23

Experience one of California’s oldest formally designated wilderness areas, while exploring meadows and beautiful creeks. In this program designed to accommodate beginner to experienced backpackers you will be provided with all of the basic information for safe backcountry travel. The specific trailhead and destination will be determined at the pre-trip meeting.

Program Fee Includes: Seasoned outdoor professionals highly educated and trained in backcountry living, advanced backcountry medical training, transportation to and from trailhead equipped with a commercial driver’s license, backcountry permits, and 5 fully prepared meals starting with Saturday’s breakfast.

Mandatory Pre-trip Meeting: 
Tuesday, April 18th • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Program Fee: 
$150 HSU students • $180 all others
Day and Time: 
Friday 5:00 PM – Sunday evening
Registration Deadline: 
Tuesday before the trip


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