Backpacking the Marble Mountains

July 8 - 10
Our local wilderness areas are beautiful and the marble mountains are no exception. One of California’s oldest formally designated wilderness areas, it is known for its namesake, Marble Mountain, an outstanding limestone feature. This program is designed to accommodate beginner to experienced backpackers. The trip will provide you with all of the basic information for safe backcountry travel. The specific trailhead and  destination will be determined at the pre-trip meeting.
Mandatory Pre-trip Meeting: 
Wednesday • July 6
Topics Include: 
Gear, clothing, food, packing and backpacking basics
Program Fee: 
$80 HSU Students • $95 All Others
Program Fee Includes: 
instruction, camping/permit fees, and instructional materials. Transportation will be by carpool.
Day and Time: 
Depatrture: Friday Evening • Time decided at the pre-trip.
The Marble Mountains
Registration Deadline: 
Tuesday • July 5


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