Welcome to the wonderful world of biking! Check out some of our local trails and great resources below!

Don't for get to always wear a helmet!

Propper bike storage
Bike theft is a prevelent challenge in the Humboldt community, but with propper storage techniques, you can keep your bike safe and protected! Check out this video below for propper techniques, and this link for other resources!

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Hammond Trail

Humboldt is home to some of the most pristine coasts and beaches in California. Want to ride along the coast? Then we suggest you check out our very own Hammond Trail here! The Hammond Trail is a 5 mile long trail, that runs from Mad River Road, all the way down to Clam Beach. Things you can expect to see while on this ride include Sea Lions, Banana Slugs, Birds, as well as your usual cast of Humboldt critters and characters!

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Arcata Community Forest

Ever feel the need to ride a local trail, but you aren’t sure where to go? Then check out this map of the Community Forest, HSU’s very own backyard-playground! Check out the in-process Arcata Ridge Trail Here!


Other Resources

Hoping to find a quick, cheap and easy way of getting around town? Or maybe you want to take a leisurely ride through the Arcata Marsh, but don’t own a bike? Then why don’t you try one of the Zagster Bikes, located on the HSU campus, and in Arcata! Check out their website here for more awesome information!

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Bicycle Learning Center

Is your bicycle due for a fix, or just in need of some love & care? Then come on over and check out our very own Bicycle Learning Center, right here on the HSU campus! Find their facebook page here!

Redwood Coast Mountain Bike Association
Do you have trail maintenance on your mind, or just want to get active in your local mountain biking community? Check out your local mountain biking organization, for some of the latest trails, and even more popular events!

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Adventure Cycling Association

In the mood for some adventure cycling knowledge? Or just looking for some inspiring cycling info? Then take a look at these How to’s from our friends at the Adventure Cycling Association!



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