Outdoor Skills

Leave No Trace Seminar

April 13

When adventuring in the outdoors, there is nothing more important than protecting the areas we use and love. Leave No Trace is an internationally recognized program that utilizes a set of ethics that helps us to understand how to reduce our impact in the backcountry as well as the frontcountry.

Backpacking Seminar

March 30

This seminar is designed to help you get out into the back country on your own. Our experienced backpacking instructor will touch on  equipment, layering, food packs, water purification, Leave No Trace  principles, local spots, and maps.

Leave No Trace Trainer Certification

April 23-24

This course assists participants in learning more about the seven  principles of Leave No Trace, and techniques for teaching low impact skills in various settings such as schools, camps, parks, wilderness and frontcountry areas.



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