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Center Activities will be closed during Winter Break, December 18 - January 15. Rentals will be by appointment only.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 10:00am-4:00pm
Location: HSU Recreation & Wellness Center Room 101
Phone: 707.826.3357
Fax: 707.826.3354


Dave Nakamura, Director | 707.826.3357

Bridget Hand, Assistant Manager | 707.826.3357

Susan Hamblen, Office Coordinator | 707.826.3357

Carlton Wei, Student Recreation Center Supervisor | 707.826.4197

Deserie Donae, Adventure Program Supervisor | 707.826.6013

Marcella Ogata-Day, Outreach Coordinator | 707.826.3357

Allison Shrestha, Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center Operations Supervisor | 707.443.2133

Thomas Oliver, Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center Facility Coordinator | 707.443.4222





The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) provides basic life support care to critically ill or...
January 16 - May 8
New to the gym? Come visit us on a brief guided tour of the facilities and learn about everything...
January 20
This course provides first responders and healthcare providers the requisite knowledge and skills...
January 27
Looking to go sledding, skiing, snowboarding, or just play in the snow but don’t know where to go...
January 30