The Recreation & Wellness Center

Stop by and let us help you to make recreation and wellness your destination! The Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) encourages campus interaction and enhances the Hum- boldt experience through dynamic, inclusive recreation, fitness and wellness programs which promote healthy lifestyles, social development and leadership skills necessary for student success. Let the RWC become your one-stop-shop for all of your recreation and wellness needs!

The RWC is a multi-departmental collaboration that brings to the HSU campus a place to fulfill the varying needs of individuals looking to explore the many dimensions of wellness. In joining the efforts of Intramurals and Club Sports, Center Activities, the Student Recreation Center, the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center, and the wellness component of the Student Health Center, the RWC supports Humboldt State University’s ongoing mission to foster the well-being for the entire campus and surrounding community.




This course provides first responders and healthcare providers the requisite knowledge and skills...
January 28
Einstein’s Relativity rests on one idea, the idea that there is a fastest speed, known as the speed...
February 1, 8, 15 & 22
This class is designed to introduce archery through the hands-on application of using a bow and...
February 4