Student Health and Wellness Services

Humboldt State University Peer Health Educators are students working with Health & Wellness Services to create a more holistically healthy community at HSU. This is done through a model of Health Education that rejects the language of shame and fear and instead focuses on compassion and social justice. HSU’s Peer Health Educators do the important work of engaging students and fostering community connections, as well as create spaces where students feel respected.

These students develop workshops, events, classroom presentations, and educational outreach to teach about issues like sexual health, sexualized violence, mental health, healthy eating, body image empowerment, consent, alcohol and other drugs, stress relief, and much more. Each student is trained and certified through the Bacchus Certified Peer Health Education program.

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Health Educator, or in connecting with a Peer Health educator, contact Ravin Craig at 707.826.5228 or



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