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Things to Bring Hiking in Humboldt

Hiking in Humboldt can be fun and exciting! Occasionally, it can get a little damp, or a little windy, so having the right gear with you can only help in maximizing your experience!

Ten Essentials
You may have heard, no hiker leaves without their trusty Ten Essentials! These are the items hikers use to stay safe, energized, and prepared. Take a look at this list from the American Hiker Association here, and check out this video below, made by the Find Your Park Organization! Our friends in the outdoor industry have made a Printable Page just for you, to use in your essentials gathering!



Do you feel like it’s time to invest in some outdoor shoes, to help and get your hike on? Check out our gear recommendations in our gear section of the Backpacking page!


Humboldt County Hikes Bucket List

  1. Fern CanyonRelated image

Fern Canyon is just a little piece of magic on earth. Walk from small island to island, as drops of water trickle down the walls of ferns, feeding into the gentle stream that glides past you. Be surrounded by the exquisite beauty of nature, on all sides!

From the (beach trail head here), the hike is only 1.1 miles there and back. However, if you choose to approach from the Prairie Creek parking lot, it’s a 5 miles there (10 miles round trip).

  1. Richardson Grove State Park

    Image result for richardson groveRichardson Grove is one of the majestic wonders of Humboldt, with towering redwoods, serene underbrush, and an atmosphere that’s bound to fill you with awe. This is a short hike, in which you’ll spend most of your time absorbing your otherworldly surroundings, and communing with mother nature in her home. Here’s a link to a map! And here’s a guide to the 2-mile Lookout Trail!

Image result for trillium falls loop

  1. Trillium Falls Loop Trail

This trail is a 2.6 mile loop trail, not far from the entrance to Fern Canyon! This particular Trail will take you up and down and all around the forest hills of Redwood National Park, as you come across a splendid small waterfall, a bonny bridge, and a lovely elk viewing station. Here’s a link to the Trillium falls loop map!

  1. Hammond Coastal Trail

Image result for hammond trailHumboldt is home to some of the most pristine coasts and beaches in California. Want to hike along the coast? Then we suggest you check out our very own Hammond Trail here! The Hammond Trail is a 5 mile long trail, that runs from Mad River Road, all the way up to Clam Beach. Things you can expect to see while on this trail include Sea Lions, Banana Slugs, Birds, as well as your usual cast of Humboldt critters and characters!

  1. Trinidad HeadImage result for trinidad head

If you want a short and relaxing hike, that offers some of the most amazing views in Northern Humboldt, then you have to pay a visit to Trinidad Head. This 1 mile long loop will offer tall cliffside views of the coastal land and seascape, teeming with life from the current of the waves, up to the breeze within the air. Bring your binoculars and camera, because you won't believe your eyes, and neither will your family and friends!


  1. College Cove

A staff personal favorite, College Cove is a popular spot for beach-goers, hikers, surfers, dog walkers, and everyone else in between. The total 1.65 miles cover a variety of different environments, within a very short range. Enjoy some of the new coastal views, and say hello to the friendly banana slugs as they cross and slime down the trail.

Image result for filming in Humboldt


Other must sees

Want to check out all the movie locations that were filmed in Humboldt County? Then take a look at the Map to the Movies here!

  1. Castle Crags

    Let your imagination stretch to new heights, under the influence and inspiration of the Castle Crags. These 6,000 foot tall towers of granite reach far above the valley below, and survey much of the land beyond it.

  1. Avenue of the GiantsImage result for avenue of the giants

Located in Southern Humboldt, this avenue will spark your imagination as you drive past giants of not only height, but of time. Visit some of the largest living organisms alive today, as well as some of the oldest. Sights along this historic drive have been dubbed such names as: The Immortal Tree, The Drive Through Tree, and many more!

Want to check out some other resources? Go visit our neighbors below!

Leave no Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

The Center for Outdoor Ethics has some great resources on how to keep a lower impact in the places and spaces we love, to help preserve them for future trips and generations.     

American Hiking Society

The American Hiking Society has some great tips and tricks to use on your next adventure! They have everything from planning your hike, to outdoor skills.



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